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leaving before 1st April

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HaveAWeeNap Sun 01-Nov-15 22:42:21

I may have the opportunity to start a new post. If I give notice within the next two weeks would I be in a position to start new post by 1st April?
Giving notice by 28th Feb means you have to work until 20th April I think?
Has any school actually ever sued anybody for breach of contract for leaving early?
Many thanks for any advice you can give me.

superram Sun 01-Nov-15 22:59:44

It is the 30th April. However my last school let me leave on last day of Easter hols (13th April). You can only ask.

HaveAWeeNap Sun 01-Nov-15 23:50:10

Easter is early this year I think so if holidays have started before 1st April then I hopefully should be ok.

Foxyloxy1plus1 Mon 02-Nov-15 08:46:35

If Easter is early and schools return before the end of April, you could, theoretically, be obliged to return until the last day of April. Easter is different to other end of terms, in that the last official day is in the summer term.

You'd be best speaking to your HT because it's likely they will be able to recruit a teacher to start at the beginning of the summer term and therefore it won't be a problem, but nothing is certain! Bear in mind that pay may be affected too because you can't expect to be paid twice.

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