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What do you call children who's names you don't know?

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SawdustInMyHair Mon 26-Oct-15 21:34:28

I'm on PGCE placement, and although I've learned all the names in 'my' class, I am obviously not going to learn all the names in the school.

I've realised that when I don't know the name I'm defaulting to 'young man' for boys and 'sweetheart' for girls, which grosses me out because of the sexism, and worries me if I misgender someone (it's primary so some of them are at that age where it's hard to tell). I try getting the names, obviously, but it's not practical in every situation.

Is there a good catch-all "you-child" term I'm missing?

ImperialBlether Mon 26-Oct-15 21:36:27

Whose. It's 'whose.'

ThePartyArtist Mon 26-Oct-15 21:37:42

What do the other teachers in the school do?

TwllBach Mon 26-Oct-15 21:41:48

I'm in primary and I generally use sweetheart or poppet...I don't think they are gender specific as I use them for both boys and girls. Tbh, I default to them anyway a lot of the time because we are an infant school and they still are sweethearts and poppets at that age! mostly

cece Mon 26-Oct-15 21:43:07

I tend to use sweetheart for any gender. Primary school.

miaowroar Mon 26-Oct-15 22:07:38

Sunbeam, sunshine - if there are a couple of them then guys or ladies.

TheTroubleWithAngels Mon 26-Oct-15 23:10:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ladygracie Mon 26-Oct-15 23:11:54

Lovely or darling but I usually ask them their name & try to remember it. I teach in a small school though & have taught almost all of the children at one time or another.

ShowOfBloodyStumps Mon 26-Oct-15 23:12:05

"Right you 'orrible lot" is very useful indeed.

IfNotNowThenWhenever Mon 26-Oct-15 23:14:16

Do what theatricals do and call everybody Darling. Including the Head wink

HoneyDragon Mon 26-Oct-15 23:16:16

I tend to say children.

HoneyDragon Mon 26-Oct-15 23:17:18

I wish we could still go

You. Boy

You. Girl


HoneyDragon Mon 26-Oct-15 23:18:12

I call the older ones small human, and ask their name.

TMIFriday Mon 26-Oct-15 23:19:52

poppet / love / lovely

Lowdoorinthewall Tue 27-Oct-15 07:00:15

I use poppet. I also call my staff this. And the Head.

I think I'm going to switch to Small Human though. grin

Slugonthewindow Tue 27-Oct-15 07:08:56

My friend uses sunshine. It's really effective. Totally non gender dependent and warm without being too affectionate.

MythicalKings Tue 27-Oct-15 07:17:01

I've always used "Flower". I accidentally used it while on teaching practice and it went down well, so I carried on.

Seriouslyffs Tue 27-Oct-15 07:17:08

Sunshine is lovely.
Young man/ young lady is good too.

villainousbroodmare Tue 27-Oct-15 07:28:01

I think 'young man' or 'young lady' is impeccable and very appropriate.
I'd say that learning the correct placement of apostrophes is probably more important.

ArmchairTraveller Tue 27-Oct-15 07:39:18

Sunshine. Sweetheart. Talk without using a name.
Why are you being sexist? Why not call both genders the same nickname? That's a bit worrying in a PGCE student.

KateBeckett Tue 27-Oct-15 07:39:46

I mostly call them sausage... But also use sweetheart for boys as well as girls. Or 'children' if I'm talking to them all at once.

southeastastra Tue 27-Oct-15 07:44:22

this thread is quite funny would you really call them sunshine or sweetheart? like in a mike reid stylee

that's a bit worrying wink

ArmchairTraveller Tue 27-Oct-15 07:51:29

Young primary children, less so with UKS2. If it's not that sort of school, and many aren't that relaxed, I stick to talking without using a name.

Georgethesecond Tue 27-Oct-15 08:00:03

"You. Girl." grin
Takes me back to school!

ArmchairTraveller Tue 27-Oct-15 08:02:23

'Children' doesn't work if there's only one of them.
'Would you hold the door open for me please, child?' is odd.
I'm not familiar with MR stylee, does he come across as Very Weird?

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