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Place Value interview activity

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Mumsaysno Mon 26-Oct-15 14:46:23

I have an interview for a KS2 Teaching Assistant position.
As part of the interview process I have to plan and deliver an adult led activity teaching the children to recognise the place value of each digit in a four digit number.
There will be six mixed ability children
I'm stuck for ideas as not really worked in KS2 my experience is Year 1
Any ideas of how to prepare and teach this in 20 minutes.
Thanks in advance

Doowrah Thu 29-Oct-15 20:30:54

Go on Nrich website plenty of ideas on there.

partystress Fri 30-Oct-15 07:34:46

Maybe a matching activity? Numbers in words and figures. In ks2 they are expected to get up to the 10 millions by the end so you could have some really big numbers ready if you have any V able children you need to challenge. 3 sets of cards per number. Eg 1245 would be on one card, then cards with one thousand, two hundred, forty, five and cards with each each of those in figures. Make four or five sets, jumble, give the children Th/H/T/U grids as a scaffold. Good luck.

Pud2 Sun 01-Nov-15 18:33:01

Get children to make four digit numbers using different manipulatives eg Diennes, place value counters. Then get a dice and put stickers on the faces that say eg +10, +100, -1000 etc. Children throw dice and work out their new number using the manipulatives and then recording numbers.

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