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Anyone made the switch from mainstream to specialist SEN school?

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SENdInTheCavalry Tue 13-Oct-15 21:35:20

I'm applying for a teaching post in a specialist SEN school, I'm really hoping I'll get it. Has anyone made the transition into specialist SEN? What were the rewards/challenges?

BackforGood Tue 13-Oct-15 23:15:02

Yes - 20 years ago now though grin

Loved it there. Loved the way the staff worked so well together. Loved the fact there was a lot more flexibility / teaching to the dcs' needs. Obviously nice that (then - I don't know now??) I got 2 'Special Needs Points' which enhanced my salary.
Not everyone coped so well with the unpredictability of the children, or being bitten or other rather socially unacceptable things that I'd probably best not mention here that sometimes happened. that will depend so very much on the cohort in the school though.
I missed the contact with a lot of the parents (as you don't get to know so many of them as the children come in on transport)

Considerphebas Wed 14-Oct-15 18:52:37

Yes, and I'll never, ever go back to mainstream!
Huge autonomy and ability to tailor what I'm doing to individual students
Actively encouraged to try new things out
Less marking!
Better work/life balance
Seeing students and families making huge progress
Ability to get to know each student and family individually!

Getting hurt- my first few incidents were pretty hair raising
Managing a huge LSA team
Lots of paperwork per student

Lowdoorinthewall Wed 14-Oct-15 20:43:10

Oh god- it's indescribably preferable. I would never, ever teach in mainstream again.

I do work in a mainstream school now (resource base) and I quite like the balance of having a mainstream school around me- most days.. but the thought of swapping my (ludicrously oppositional, often violent) class for a mainstream one makes me feel physically sick! I love it and them.

Go for it!

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