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Supply for the day

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Hellokitty105 Thu 17-Sep-15 17:09:17

Your a teacher for a mixed year 1/2 and your off for the day leaving no plans. What do you expect your supply teacher to have done?

BetweenTwoLungs Thu 17-Sep-15 17:15:20

Kept the children alive and contained. Other than that I literally wouodnt care what they did if I had left no plans.

Pipbin Thu 17-Sep-15 17:15:58

I would expect the supply teacher to wonder why there are no plans.

Hellokitty105 Thu 17-Sep-15 17:51:38

I do wonder! I've been in the website and there isn't even a curriculum overview so I don't know what topics they are doing! I need some generic plans.

Maths im thinking adding/subtracting using 100 square.

Literacy maybe I could read a story and they could sequence events and even re write the story in their own words.

Then the afternoon .. Fingers crossed for an awards assembly or something, that'll pass some time!

pippitysqueakity Thu 17-Sep-15 17:57:02

How long have you been supply? IME you are ahead of the game knowing the year group. Have you checked out the supply bag website?
It's useful as supply to have stand by lessons, eg number bingo, which don't need marking.

Pipbin Thu 17-Sep-15 17:58:12

So you are due to do the cover? I wasn't sure if you were the supply teacher of the class teacher.

Is there a TA or someone you can ask?

I like the idea of telling a story and the getting them to retell. How about in the afternoon they could split into groups and act the story out? Use sugar paper etc to make hats to be their character. Then act out in front of the others.

Assuming you have a smart board you could play one of the games on ICT games for maths. Turn it into a team game for points.

Minispringroll Thu 17-Sep-15 20:46:38

I'd ask why there's no planning, since they've apparently booked you in advance (so knew they'd be off).
If I really had no clue that I wasn't going to be there...well, I'd not really care about one day of extra playtime, stories and perhaps some Art and Music.

I have Year 6, though. I wouldn't leave a supply teacher to fend for themselves and try to make something up on the spot. My class would eat such a person quite happily...(they need routine and a briefing beforehand, if there's to be a change).

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