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Secondary Behaviour Management advice

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40thisisit Thu 20-Aug-15 18:49:14

Hi, I have just completed my NQT year and I still feel I'm suffering with behaviour management strategies (main issues being low level disruption and pupils not listening/paying attention). I do have a very supportive team in school but wondered whether any-one can recommend any good behaviour management books? I've just had a look on Amazon and the choice is overwhelming!!

noblegiraffe Thu 20-Aug-15 19:05:48

Tom Bennett.

In fact you don't need to buy his books, just google him, he's got blogs and videos and all sorts online. He was the TES forum behaviour guru.

40thisisit Thu 20-Aug-15 19:32:00

Great thanks nobleg, will have a google smile

Celticlassie Thu 20-Aug-15 19:41:52

I quite liked Getting the Buggers to Behave. Not so much the 'methods' (marbles in a jar... hmm) but the explanations of why they behave the way they do can help you deal with crappy behaviour better

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