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Anyone else getting the pre-results jitters?

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FuzzyWizard Tue 11-Aug-15 12:21:40

It's that time of year again! I get really nervous about results every year. I have horrible worst case scenario thoughts and can only be calmed by obsessive data crunching... I re-analyse the data from my classes with various what-if scenarios. this is weird, isn't it?

FuzzyWizard Tue 11-Aug-15 14:38:27

Ah- just me then! blush

Xenadog Tue 11-Aug-15 21:33:56

Nope. I've been fretting since the exams as top candidates came out saying they ran out of time and never completed their papers! I'm not happy.

DoctorDonnaNoble Tue 11-Aug-15 21:35:56

Always get this. Worse than when I was getting my own results!

FuzzyWizard Tue 11-Aug-15 21:44:08

Oh no Xena... I hate it when they come out and tell you that sort of stuff. I've got one less able GCSE girl who left huge chunks of a paper unanswered apparently. I've tried not to dwell on it too much but it does niggle away at you.

The A level ones came out saying they though it was OK... Nobody was brimming with confidence but nobody who felt they'd struggled too much either.

Xenadog Tue 11-Aug-15 21:48:59

Oh I think I maight just get drunk before looking at to their results!

Happy36 Wed 12-Aug-15 12:17:08

Fuzzy, I do that too!

Hope everyone got the results they were hoping for.

EvilTwins Wed 12-Aug-15 15:37:32

I'm ok about tomorrow but getting jittery about next week. I have 2 yr 11 classes and one is doing a course which is being ditched for not being "rigorous" enough, despite needing over 95% for an A. The grade boundaries have gone steadily upwards for the last 6 years so I'm dreading next week. It'll probably be 100% for an A and 105% for an A* and all my predictions will be wrong.

FuzzyWizard Wed 12-Aug-15 16:39:33

EvilTwins- Wow... 95% is high! Is there a lot of controlled assessment? (our controlled assessment boundaries are insanely high). I feel ok(ish) about next week for now. I had 2 lovely classes and shared another group who were nice too. They seemed to work hard.

Happy- so glad I'm not the only crazy one!

Happy36 Wed 12-Aug-15 18:16:38

EvilTwins Sounds stressful. Good luck to all of your students, and everyone else´s.

Are you guys going into school tomorrow?

FuzzyWizard Wed 12-Aug-15 18:24:40

Yep, I like to be there to celebrate with them and in case anyone applying for my subject at uni needs help with clearing etc. I'll also be able to speak to my AS girls about whether they are staying on for A2, resit options, remarks etc.
I quite like results day generally which makes September less stressful.

FuzzyWizard Wed 12-Aug-15 18:25:33

Some of my post got moved... Hopefully you get what I mean.

Chipsahoythere Wed 12-Aug-15 18:29:17

I feel sick!! Mainly because I know what the results will be. I worked so, so hard and they just didn't.

FuzzyWizard Wed 12-Aug-15 18:39:00

Oh Chips... That's horrid flowers

sassytheFIRST Wed 12-Aug-15 18:43:24

Chips - I'm there too for GCSEs next week. I had bottom set, slogged sooo hard for them and 4 of the 12 students worked hard in response. It sucks that our teaching is measured on their laziness.

Happy36 Wed 12-Aug-15 18:48:23

I am going in too. Not compulsory, but my dear friend is the head of Higher Education and begged asked me very politely if I wouldn´t mind coming in today and tomorrow. Our first compulsory day back is Wednesday, (the 19th) anyway, so I had already booked flights to return from holiday today.

Like you, I want to be there to help students from my subject, mostly the university applicants, but also any AS candidates who have queries about continuing to the A2.

Our students receive their results online (we are abroad) and most of them seem to be away on holiday at the moment so it will be more dealing with them over the phone, or possibly e-mail, than people coming into school physically. To be honest, I am very worried about one student who I teach and another student I taught at IGCSE and wrote the UCAS reference for. They have both worked so hard, but their uni. offers are so so high.

Happy36 Wed 12-Aug-15 18:52:46

Chips and Sassy, tell me about it. We did IGCSE so the results were in yesterday. Compared to previous years´ results, this year´s showed EFFORT more than ever. Those who had listened, and worked hard, more or less consistently, for the 2 years, had the A* and A and B grades. Those who had caught on to the idea of hard work in Year 11 had the Cs. And the three lazy ones had Ds. I might as well have drawn alligators on their work than write feedback and targets for improvement for all of the notice they took. It´s galling to think of the amount of effort I spent on these guys versus the effort they put in and yet statistically I have 3 D grades to my name and will be writing a report to "explain" this to my superiors, promising to do even more to help the bone idle "weak" next year.

Good luck for Thursday, 20th. I hope your efforts have paid off.

Chipsahoythere Wed 12-Aug-15 19:14:09

Thanks for the flowers
Just annoying as it will be a telling off at the start of term. No pay rise. It will be my fault.

Even though CAs made up 60% of the GCSE and more than 2/3s of that class wrote zero words and refused to turn up to speaking exams- I'd have to go and get them out of lessons, have them whinge at me the whole way and be told "I won't say anything because I can't speak French anyway"... And then I would record a few minutes of me asking questions and them sitting in silence hmm happy days!
But just like happy, I'll be writing a report explaining all the things I did to get them a grade!

MadeinBelfast Wed 12-Aug-15 19:49:11

I've been on maternity leave for a year so this is the first time in 14 years I don't have a class getting results tomorrow. I still feel nervous though, I guess it becomes ingrained. It's also very annoying when the media begins all the talk of exams being dumbed down when you know how hard people have worked all year. Good luck to your students for tomorrow!

Rosieposy4 Wed 12-Aug-15 22:10:42

Having massive jitters here, have checked all the new grade boundaries and done a trial (why?, i know how to) login to eAQA and Sissra.
Bricking it, especially for the A level i teach that is not my speciality aargh

Happy36 Wed 12-Aug-15 23:00:30

Rosie Are your results available at midnight or 08:00?

Chipsahoythere Wed 12-Aug-15 23:38:04

Just logged on to eaqa. Sisra doesn't seem to be working for me but results say 6am on eaqa so hoping so!

Rosieposy4 Thu 13-Aug-15 00:05:07

Intending to go and roll around sleepless in my bed for a bit soon?

Chipsahoythere Thu 13-Aug-15 00:07:27

this is worse than when I got my own A level results!

Rosieposy4 Thu 13-Aug-15 05:54:55

Wish they would open them!

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