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Work clothes for secondary

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goldopals Tue 28-Jul-15 21:37:28

Inspired by the nursery thread.

I teach senior school maths , science and chemistry . I wear brightly coloured dresses with cardigans and purple docs. If my dresses are not bright, my jackets or tights are. I occasionally wear jeans or a brightly coloured school polo shirt with cute boots or my purple docs.

The culture in Australia, especially at small rural schools, is very different with regards to teacher clothes so I am curious to see what others wear. I am an anomaly at my school (which is very casual) and wear nice dresses.

I usually wear dresses from

MatchsticksForMyEyes Tue 28-Jul-15 21:43:33

I teach secondary French. I mostly wear trouser suits or smart dresses with a black cardigan. Smart shoes or boots.

goldopals Tue 28-Jul-15 21:49:28

Do you have a dress code? We are told to dress neatly and not to wear sandals which we ignore when it comes to 42 degree heat waves

Happy36 Wed 29-Jul-15 17:13:18

I teach in Spain in the secondary part of a school for students aged 2 to 18. I teach English. In summer, I wear knee length skirts or dresses and T-shirt style tops with sandals (we are not allowed to wear flipflops - not that I would anyway). In winter I wear knee length skirts or dresses with opaque tights and boots and long sleeved T shirts and / or thin jumpers. It is never that cold inside school. We don't have spring or autumn here, which makes dressing for work pretty straightforward.

Most of my school clothes are from Zara and tend to be grey, white, black or pale pink. Bit boring but clothes get wrecked easily in school as it's so dirty everywhere and I don't want to mourn the death of expensive or dearly loved garments (came home the other day with a skirt ruined by bleach...absolutely no idea how that got there?!)

Salmotrutta Wed 29-Jul-15 17:42:37

Always smart/professional- no jeans allowed.

I tend to go for smart dresses+cardigan or smart skirt+jumper/short sleeved top and smart shoes or boots. Never too short and never too revealing.

Being smart allows you to counter pupils moans about uniform because you can say "But I have to wear "uniform" too that is smart and appropriate - I'd much rather be in my jeans and a T-shirt!"

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