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Please reassure me that working full time from September will be ok?

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Sylviesleep Tue 28-Jul-15 16:15:36

I have always worked 3 days a week since DS1 was born. I had the perfect work/life balance and enjoyed going to work.

DS2 starts reception in September and knowing this the head approached me and asked if I
Would be willing to return full time in
September. TBH I felt a bit pressured and I agreed.

But now I'm starting to worry whether I will be able to manage ... I
Will be teaching a year 1 class (I've never taught year 1 before) with very little TA support.

Please reassure me that everything will be fine and give me words of wisdom to help me get through the year!

petalpower Tue 28-Jul-15 19:39:37

I think the key is making sure you have good back up at home - child care sorted and support from your partner with regard to household chores, cooking etc.

misssmapp Tue 28-Jul-15 19:44:04

It is do- able, but you need to be a bit organised and , as petal power says, have good support.

I could not work full time without :

Online shopping for groceries
Fab DH taking the boys out for part of sat or sun so I can get marking/planning done
Shared cleaning/cooking
Excellent, reliable child care
Doing a big cook on a sun morning to prepare/freeze weekly meals
a slow cooker
lower standards !!

good luck

petalpower Tue 28-Jul-15 19:53:52

I am a mega list maker - Amazon is my friend as is Phoenix cards bought in advance. I online grocery shop like missmapp and have a cleaner once a week who does all my ironing too. DH works away Mon-Fri so he's not a great deal of practical help but is very supportive.

Happy36 Wed 29-Jul-15 17:27:56

Hello sylviesleep

First of all, remember to feel proud of yourself for being wanted full-time by your school and to know that is a positive reflection of your excellent teaching.

I will give a few tips, but please know that I don't wish to come across as patronising and am also aware that each person's preferences, style of working, and family arrangement, is different.

1. Do you have another Year 1 teacher at your school? (i.e. It's two or more form entry). If so, make sure you work closely with them to share planning and resources and, from the start, to set out who will do what.

2. Think about how you will use your TA most effectively, particularly with creating resources, etc. to save time and maximise the overall efficiency of your classroom.

3. Try to prepare as much as you can during these holidays.

4. Think about what to spend your extra salary on - something to make your day to day life easier? A dishwasher? A cleaner? A Saturday morning activity for your sons so that you can get a few clear hours of work done? A takeaway or restaurant dinner once a week or fortnight to save time?

5. Be strict about the hours you spend in school. Try not to fall into an unhealthy trap of staying too late or working overly long hours. Yes, you are full time, but you do not need to spend your whole life working. Be strict with yourself as the head is never going to tell you to work less!

And what misssmapp said!

Good luck and enjoy the new role.

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