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Work "uniform" for a nursery teacher

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carriebrody Fri 24-Jul-15 16:46:07

I really want to streamline my life and have read about women who have whittled their work wardrobe down to one outfit, and just wear it every day. I would love to do this, or at least get it down to two or three outfits - have any other teachers done this?

Obviously with nursery I can't get away with a suit every day, and I do need to be able to kneel on the floor and wash everything (nothing dry clean only!) and don't want to look "formal". Can anyone suggest some good outfits or places to look?

Littlefish Fri 24-Jul-15 19:48:59

I'm a nursery teacher and all winter I wear black trousers (I have 3 pairs) with a variety of long tops. In the summer I wear either black linen trousers, with plain tops, or one of 3 maxi dresses.

All my clothes wash well, are comfortable to wear, and have enough stretch in them to allow for getting up and down off the floor!

Awakeagain Fri 24-Jul-15 21:58:41

I have the same tshirt the children wear to school and wear that, it's easy!!

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