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Businesses & primary school - any links at your school?

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MrsMargoLeadbetter Tue 14-Jul-15 11:36:10


Hope it ok to post here. Interested in what teachers think...

I work for myself (marketing freelancer) and wondered if there would be any interest in creating a 'Business club' at my DS' primary school for parents/carers.

I am guessing that amongst the parents there will be people that could be of use to the school (if those parents are willing to volunteer) esp as kids get into the last years of primary when I assume (DS is just leaving yr 2) and thinking a bit about jobs/careers etc ao could do talks or arrange visits.

Or if the school needs skills for a project, as an eg a friend (with a DS at the school) is a camera man on a national TV programme, he might be up for helping the older ones film something.

From my perspective I often outsource work (design, copy writing) and I'd be happy to offer it to someone local and in my community. So meeting them would be good.

There could be the potential of gaining work for myself, but that isn't my driver.

I was thinking we could pay a modest sum of money per year which goes to the PTA or school. In return for some speed networking sessions or meetings with a speaker etc.

It could also help the PTA/school develop a list of local advertisers (obv of those working locally, many will commute as we are in the London burbs) for the fete programme.

I am not sure the school would be willing to stay open late enough to host any meetings but if they are willing to communciate a message about it then we could do something elsewhere.

Before I suggest it to the school/PTA does it sound crazy or too much of a PITA for the school? Any suggestions re selling the idea?


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