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morethanpotatoprints Thu 09-Jul-15 17:01:35

Can anybody tell me whether these jobs are still being advertised or am I wasting my time even considering it.
I have a level 2 TA and also a PgCE Post Compulsory and have experience teaching adults and supporting Adults and children.
My mentor during my Pgce was impressed with the patience I showed to those who were struggling and suggested I observed/ week placement in the entry level at college. I found it so rewarding and would love to work in this field.
Our local college and schools are cutting lots of jobs and lots have been made redundant, I can't even volunteer atm.
What is it like for everybody else, is it pretty similar?

noblegiraffe Thu 09-Jul-15 17:43:35

Have you tried looking on the TES jobs forum?

HagOtheNorth Thu 09-Jul-15 18:09:47

Morethan, how long ago did you do this stuff, is it in the last 3 years?
Check out some of the supply agencies and see if they have any ideas.

eatyourveg Sat 11-Jul-15 14:06:59

The local paper and your LA website will have the vacancies but I would keep an eye on the college website and those of any other schools you are interested in. Our college is recruiting TAs if you are in the SE, but second the temp agency idea - we get several via them each september

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