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Foundation teachers, could I check something with you please?

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DevonFolk Fri 03-Jul-15 04:51:12

It's a while since I've taught a foundation class and I think the foundation teacher at my school is probably fed up with me quizzing her on various things so I'm asking here instead!

DD is just coming to the end of her first year of school. In that time parents have only been invited to parents' evenings once (in the first term) and since then I think we've also been invited in to look at the children's learning journeys, but not to talk to the teacher specifically. I know last term every other year group held parents' evenings and I'm assuming we'll get reports soon. I can't help feeling that this hasn't been sufficient communication with parents. In all my years of teaching, no matter which year group it is, in the course of a year I've done two parents evenings and one report. Now we're so close to the end of term I'm starting to doubt that meetings are going to be on offer at all. Obviously I'll ask the question but I wanted to check first if I seem to be expecting too much.

The other problem I have is with reading. They put the pressure on by always sending home two books to read, but over the last year she seems to have only read about three times 1:1 with an adult in school. Is it considered acceptable that guided reading and the odd key word and sounds check is all that needs to be done? (This is where I battle with myself because I get cross with the lack of play at this age, but I do think it's cheeky to expect so much reading at home when it's not being done at school)

Sorry, this turned out to be longer than I'd planned but it's been bugging me since about 2am blush

moab Fri 03-Jul-15 05:59:49

In reception i do three parents evening, one per term, and have just sent home a report. I also hear every child read once a week. Is she definitely not being read with at school? What do they say about that?

DevonFolk Fri 03-Jul-15 06:42:11

Thank you moab.
There's no evidence in her contact book regarding 1:1 reading other than when she's been benchmarked. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to the benchmarking because she sometimes tells me when her friends have moved up a level and I wait for her to be assessed but then nothing happens. They hear her read in a group, although this doesn't seem to be every week so I can't work out how they decide when she's ready to reassess. I always say when she's been reading fluently at home and has the comprehension as well. I've been so paranoid about becoming 'that' parent I now feel I've been totally remiss in not questioning it before now blush

DevonFolk Fri 03-Jul-15 06:45:19

Oh and they haven't said anything yet because I haven't asked. I've been waiting for a parents evening that doesn't now look likely hmm

EnormousDormouse Fri 03-Jul-15 06:54:42

Autumn term - home visit
Spring - parents evening
Summer - report & consultation if requested.
We also have an 'open house' afternoon every week where parents can see work/chat to me.

I hear readers once a week and do guided reading every week. But every school varies.

Go in and chat, I never mind if parents ask me why their child is on a particular level.

DevonFolk Fri 03-Jul-15 07:04:34

Thank you. I so rarely get to go into school which is the problem. I do one drop off a week and sometimes manage to chat to her about more social things, but arranging meetings when I work is difficult. I've been stupidly assuming they'll be more proactive about formal consultations blush

DevonFolk Fri 03-Jul-15 07:06:41

When I've taught KS1 I've always heard children read once a week on top of guided reading. I'm cross with myself for not questioning it before. She's made good progress because I read with her at home but they shouldn't be relying on me alone should they?!

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