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Part time teaching and activities week

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anolderandwiserkitten Mon 29-Jun-15 09:59:27

This is sort of a follow on from part time and coming in for meetings.

I work 9 hours a week. I do this over three days but only get paid for the hours I teach ( around an 0.4 ish). The problem is I have a lot of trapped time over those days. More than I work. This has proven to be problem enough when I decide to go out and do my shopping between periods1 and 2 ( when I teach) and periods 7 and 8 ( when I teach again .The time between ( between 10:30 am and 3:00pm) is unpaid and should be mine but I have had run inswith the school over this. However,they have not forced the matter when I explained it was my time and I wanted to go home between lessons.

I digress. This week is activitiesweek. We are all off timetable and allocated to some outdoor activity. In my case I have been put on an activity which is three full days and seem to be used as such. Yet I only teach 9 hours.

The school has not agreed to my colapsing my timetable so that I do nearly two full days but are expecting me to accompany the children to the beach for a whole day out on Wednesday when I only teach for two hours that day. Similarly, tomorrow when I finish officially at 3:00 pm they expect me tostay until4:30 for the activitiesand again on Thursday ( when I would normally go in late but they expect I should go in at 9:00am and work until 4:30. Can they really demand this?

I will not be paid for the extra time. But if I leave/ do not come in outside my normal working, can they discipline me for refusal? ( The DH has suggested they can) and sack me?

DorothyL Mon 29-Jun-15 10:37:37

Can you speak to a union rep?

DoloresLandingham Mon 29-Jun-15 10:46:38

Your contract will include a clause that you can be directed to carry out duties at the reasonable request of the headteacher, but presumably your hours are also specified in your contract? Check it carefully. I would argue that it is not reasonable to direct you to work for more than your contracted hours.

Yes, talk to the union BEFORE doing anything else. I would be inclined to present two options to the HT: that they either collapse your hours and you do two full days, or that you are paid for three full days. I'm not an expert and you do need specialist advice on this.

As a wider point - will you have trapped time again next year? They are treating you very badly.

anolderandwiserkitten Mon 29-Jun-15 11:57:45

Good question about contracts - I wish it was clear. I did ask for clarification ( in writing) but none came. Instead no further comment was made about me going shopping/ home/out etc. in my trapped time.

I have not always had trapped time. Its got worse in the last four years,although last year, I didnt have very much trapped at all. The year before - a lot but the then Head Teacher found out and my trapped time was paid for. We now have a new Head ( and a barstewardfor a DH , who is responsible for timetables and he has twice tried to get me dicsiplined for not attending INSET/ Meetings etc. on my non contract days.

I pointed this out to the new Head who seemed lost. He said he had never heard of "trapped time" and could not understand why a part time teacher thought they should work less than a full time one ( seriously).I was gobsmacked but clearly that is the way things are going.

However, other part timers are not so treated and I pointed this out - and I was not bothered about it until this week. Someteachers work second jobs and cannot come in. Others have family committments and have agreements to finish early etc. However, I too have a family but Iaccepted the three days for this year and expected to come and go as I always had ( when not contracted time)

I seem to be seen as full time staff - most forget I am part time because I am there constantly because of the trapped time.

No union rep - both left earlier this year.

I have not seen next years timetable yet. It may well force me to leave if DH doesas he threatened - make my time run over five days ( although for 8 years I had an agreement to work three) or he will trap time me again.

I do not think this is malicious,I think he is uninformed and ????

The Head is little betterI fear. He is already beleagured. SMT doing all they can to cross him....... staff who would support him if he would just discuss with them instead of his SMT.

My contract is not fractional.
It is for teaching periods only. New Head has "converted" this into " fractional" but not officially, no change in contract, but his idea of fraction is not what a fractional contract usually looks like. In fact a fractional contract would be twofulldays ( or equivelent) . My working periods are less than too days but its done over three by agreement for " flexibility ( but that was not to include trapped time).

Then there is the problem that some staff have different contracts ( which are part time fractional with free periods etc.) Mine does not. It just
designates teaching periods ( 16x 35mins to be precise). It was not even updated when the school changed length of day and length of periods in a school day.

Head seems oblivious. Nothing has been said. I am afraid to see him again in case I blot my copy book and get put on his black list of teachers he wants to get rid of because they are " not keeping with the spirit" of the school and " doing extra". But he does not define precisely what this extra is. Some full time staff do nothing. Some part time arelike ( use your own adjective) and some , like me,just want to know where we stand.

I am ,as far as I know, the only one who has been told to do three full days ( or rather has been slotted into an activity for that).

Sorry about the whinge.

I like my job and the school but whilst it has a bit of reputation on MN, the reputation is not for poor staff relations...... and its improving in the eyes of parents. I am not trying to be difficult. I just want to know where I standif it comes to a show down.

All I really want is the conditions I have been employed under for the last eighjt years, some ofwhich was spoken not written but included not working when not contracted and going home when day was finished ( and in activities week I was always exmted and just had to be in school -I could attach to activities if a body was needed but I did not have to be there and go out all day , out of contract time)

anolderandwiserkitten Mon 29-Jun-15 12:02:56

I ought to add - when hours went down because of change in schoolday,my pay went down. Now I am having more demanded of me, but my pay is not going up. I am still paid for the time I teach and no more. Money though is not the biggest issue for me. Its the time and the way I am being used (?)

anolderandwiserkitten Mon 29-Jun-15 12:04:32

spelling erros -sorry. I think it still makes sense.

DoloresLandingham Mon 29-Jun-15 12:07:59

What a mess. It doesn't matter that your school no longer has a union rep. Call the regional office and request urgent legal advice. This is totally unreasonable and you should not be treated like this.

mrsnewfie Mon 29-Jun-15 17:48:59

This is a totally unreasonable request. You must seek union advice from your regional office.

I don't think they would have a hope in hell if they tried to discipline you. You are paid for the time you teach. It sounds like you already do a great deal of good will work as a result of this ridiculous trapped time issue. Stand your ground. Good luck!

cansu Mon 29-Jun-15 20:22:26

this is absolutely fucking outrageous. They cannot have a leg to stand on. get some advice if you want to stay there or get another job where they are less stupid. The whole point in being part time is that you are not at school the whole time. The trapped time is ridiculous. I|f you are not paid you have absolutely no obligation to be in school at all outside of your paid hours.

noblegiraffe Mon 29-Jun-15 20:32:46

Can you try a breezy 'I'm only contracted to work 2 days a week equivalent but have been timetabled for 3 full days of activities, please can this be rectified ASAP' to the events organiser. Then if no joy contact your regional Union rep.

LeBearPolar Mon 29-Jun-15 20:43:32

I agree with noblegiraffe: point out confidently that a mistake has clearly been made and could they tell you which two days they would like you to work. Then phone your union for support. In the past I have said that I will confirm what I am going to be able to do once I have consulted my union and that has been enough to mysteriously sort the situation without actually having to consult my union!

anolderandwiserkitten Tue 30-Jun-15 05:48:23

Thank you all for the advice. I am going in this morning and I will point out the discrepency and ask for them to sort it. I am going to try the softly approach ( as in , its an oversight or mistake and it needs sorting). If not, I will get a union rep.

missy111 Tue 30-Jun-15 06:58:02

I too am part time, but my school will 'happily' pay me if they wish for me to work over my contracted time...this is another option if you do want to do the activities. Make sure you work out your hourly rate though!

FuzzyWizard Tue 30-Jun-15 07:43:04

Don't ask! Tell them there has been a mistake and then tell them that they have a choice between
1. You work your usual hours
2. You do 2 full days
3. They pay you to work the extra day.

Do this in a pleasant, breezy way but be clear that you doing 3 full days whilst being paid for two is not an option.

Olivo Wed 01-Jul-15 13:01:13

I paid a supply rate for the additional hours I did in activities week. Please seek Union advice, and good luck.

noblegiraffe Wed 01-Jul-15 13:19:20

How did it go?

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