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Exam marking support thread

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RainbowSmash Wed 24-Jun-15 23:26:41

Is anyone else going through the hell of marking exam papers?!

I actually want to stick pins in my eyes :D

MyOneandYoni Wed 24-Jun-15 23:30:52

Tried it once.
Still getting over it.


RainbowSmash Wed 24-Jun-15 23:47:34

Haha! I had a terrible experience last year, and still came back, just thinking of all the wine the money can buy whilst I sun myself on holiday!

MirandaWest Wed 24-Jun-15 23:48:32

I'm not a teacher but am marking accountancy exam papers. Am more than half way through but still a way to go yet.

Indomitable Wed 24-Jun-15 23:49:06

I did. But I finished a couple of weeks ago. Had the luxury of half term.

Keep going!

MirandaWest Wed 24-Jun-15 23:55:46

My mum and dad are both marking a level papers - both doing 2 each. They seem to have been doing it for ever...

RainbowSmash Thu 25-Jun-15 00:15:15

I'm 10 days in with 10 to go! Done 40% so far but it gets easier as the essay Q's are starting to drop off as we have less of those. As much as I hate it, and I do REALLY hate it, I find it an invaluable experience!

CheeseBored Thu 25-Jun-15 00:17:45

I have 150 to go.
Am in hell.
NEver ever again

MyOneandYoni Thu 25-Jun-15 00:23:48

I was so crap at it I got banned from doing it again...

RainbowSmash Thu 25-Jun-15 00:43:48

Oh no! It is so hard and really makes me wonder sometimes if I have a clue what I am doing! I dread emails from my TL telling me I got one wrong! I have 750 to go but I do between 40-90 Q's a night and this is every night too!

what's even more annoying is I start a new job in a new school in September and they don't even teach the unit I am marking angry

lechie Thu 25-Jun-15 00:50:27

I've just finished two lots of marking... Currently on a week's break before I take on my next two sets - GCSE and A level. Love the A level, but it's badly paid. Detest marking GCSE, but it is well paid and a good way for me to keep in touch with GCSE teaching, now I no longer do it.

FuzzyWizard Thu 25-Jun-15 06:42:08

I have standardisation today. Haven't done it before and fear I may be making a horrible mistake. The deadlines are insane... I'll need to average 100 questions per day and the shortest questions are 6 marks (5 Qs per paper).

IHeartKingThistle Thu 25-Jun-15 06:47:25

Finished my GCSE marking last week (English Lit). I've done it for 3 years and I'm not doing it again! Keep going OP, you'll get there!

P0llyP0cketR0cket Thu 25-Jun-15 06:56:14

I took on a team leader role this year and am marking 2 different A level subjects. Why?! confused I always forget how much I hate it!

fredabear Thu 25-Jun-15 07:04:17

finished mine at the w/e, have vowed never to do it again!

margaritasbythesea Thu 25-Jun-15 07:06:02

Lechie - at the rusk of sounding insane, what board gcse do you mark? I do edexcel which finishes 7th July. I would like to find one ghat I could do after if for next year.

My hat is off to anyone sho can do it while working ft. I work part time and the money is a godsend but it takes a lot of time.

margaritasbythesea Thu 25-Jun-15 07:10:56

Sorry for typos

lechie Thu 25-Jun-15 07:52:50

Margarita - I do OCR for GCSE.

I work FT, but can manage it because at the moment, I work in FE so all my students have finished for the year and I've got no teaching now until Sept (bar a couple of hours on our introduction days). Therefore at the moment, work is strictly 9 - 4, and I do marking outside it. Couldn't do it if I were still teaching though.

margaritasbythesea Thu 25-Jun-15 16:54:23


colander1 Thu 25-Jun-15 19:09:45

Kill me now. Why am I TL for 2 papers? And why do I always ask myself that at this time of year, and then sign up to do the same again next year?

Halfbaked Thu 25-Jun-15 19:45:03

25% done so far, trying to do some every night but DH has been out 5/7 nights and DD is not sleeping, so progress has been slow.
This is my 5th year, I no longer teach the subject or exam board, but havent been able to swap and I need the money!

MirandaWest Thu 25-Jun-15 21:23:53

I am up to 60% smile

Have marked 360 so there's 240 left. This year we've only got 3 weeks instead of the normal 4 so is rather more intensive

FuzzyWizard Thu 25-Jun-15 21:36:09

Had standardisation today... I've marked 25 of my 75 initial sample now but I'm not that confident that I'll be cleared to mark on the basis of what I've done so far... I agonised over a lot of them.

RainbowSmash Thu 25-Jun-15 21:40:00

What subjects do you guys mark? I am doing History smile

FuzzyWizard Thu 25-Jun-15 21:43:15

Snap! I'm history too

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