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Do ofsted 'do an area' or are they always 'in an area'?

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KeepPloddingOn Sun 21-Jun-15 17:57:36

It is noticeable that several schools in my area have recently been inspected.

How does ofsted work - I've never really thought about it before. Do they work all schools in one area that are due and then move on to a new area - or are they always in an area.

Littlefish Sun 21-Jun-15 18:23:06

All the schools in my area went through a major reorganisation in the same year. This means that many of us therefore come into the same Ofsted cycle if we are the same "grading" which makes it look like we are being done by area. However, I've been told by a friend who is an Ofsted inspector that it is not done by area.

leccybill Mon 22-Jun-15 21:47:26

Despite lots of 'They're in the area!' flapping, I've found this largely to be untrue.
I also only recently found out that inspection teams do not know each other beforehand and only meet for the first time on the morning of the inspection.

We are awaiting the call again (we're in SM). Lots of paranoia in school that SLT 'know' when they are coming but won't tell us so we keep up with our marking.

I wonder if there are any Ofsted inspectors on mumsnet. I bet there are but they can't say.

DoctorDonnaNoble Tue 23-Jun-15 06:52:59

We keep getting paranoid about this. This is my 10th year in my current school and we've been OFSTEDed once! They come in to see boarding more often but no actual inspection in ages. I must admit I hope the come next year when I'm on mat leave.

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