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Got an interview tomorrow for TA in reception

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shatteredstudentmum Wed 17-Jun-15 21:06:52

I have 4 years experience but only voluntary. Some paid work doing intervention groups in y2 this year. I'm a nervous wreck, my first interview in 12 years shock

Any tips / ideas of the sort of thing they might ask?

shatteredstudentmum Wed 17-Jun-15 21:07:57

Oh, and I have my level 3 nvq and a never used degree in education and mathematics .

bobajob Wed 17-Jun-15 21:21:18

Are you doing an activity?

I was asked to observe a child, link it to the EYFS and suggest next steps.
Plan an activity.
Lots of "how have you dealt with x situation" - e.g. disclosure from a child, aggressive/upset parent
SEN - e.g. how could you help a child with ASD access the curriculum
How would you engage boys in a writing activity, what would you do with restless children on a rainy day etc.

Also, what are your strengths and weaknesses, what would you bring to the team, why do you want to work at that school and why early years?

WinnieTheWilt Wed 17-Jun-15 23:16:34

They may ask you to evaluate how your observed lesson went.

happystory Thu 18-Jun-15 08:34:59

Safeguarding, safeguarding, safeguarding, they are bound to ask that. Have you read 'what to do if you suspect child is being a abused' ? You can find it online. Good luck!

wineoclockthanks Thu 18-Jun-15 16:07:26

How did you get on?

And does the school begin with R because we had TA interviews today!

shatteredstudentmum Fri 19-Jun-15 19:21:32

Thanks everyone , had time to read your replies but not respond .

The teacher I support atm was being observed in the morning so I didn't actually get an actual obs , thankfully . Interview ended up being fairly informal, what skills do I have, what's important when supporting sen, my idea of good team work.

Bit of a tense afternoon but I ended up not getting the advertised position, got a different one with more hours in y2. Little girl is starting y1 on Monday so I get to meet her and work out what I'm supposed to do before I start in September smile

Thanks for your advice.

shatteredstudentmum Fri 19-Jun-15 19:22:34

Wine, no doesn't start with R!

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