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Oh god my school are advertising for a Business Manager.

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MissTriggs Wed 17-Jun-15 20:34:36

I am filled with foreboding. Please tell me it will be ok and they will leave us alone.

EvilTwins Thu 18-Jun-15 07:41:14

Not sure what the problem is...

We've had a business manager for years. He deals with money, manages the finance team, the HR lady, the office staff and the site team. If I have a problem with anything building related (sink in my classroom started blowing out brown sludge (yuk), caretakers storing chairs in one of my teaching spaces, cleaner not doing the best of jobs) then I go to him.

Not really anything to worry about.

Pointlessfan Thu 18-Jun-15 07:46:13

Yes we've had one for years too and she does similar things to what Eviltwins says. She also help staff with things like claiming childcare vouchers. She's really helpful.

icklekid Thu 18-Jun-15 07:49:13

Our office manager became a business manager. No real difference in role just we became academy so reflected her role better. I think the head would work mostly with them so I would worry more about a change in head affecting a school than this!

prettybird Thu 18-Jun-15 07:50:33

Our school got its Business Manager taken away from it by the Council and it's put a lot of pressure back on both the office and the Senior Management Team.

Duties include things like providing the statistics/reporting that the council requires and helping to manage (with the SMT) that part of the budget over which it has control.

Heels99 Thu 18-Jun-15 07:50:53

How ridiculous to be filled with foreboding at an administrative appointment...

happystory Thu 18-Jun-15 08:32:44

Ours is absolutely wonderful, calm, efficient, friendly. School would be a lot worse off witout her.

MissTriggs Thu 18-Jun-15 16:15:34

sounds reassuring. The job description reads like a leadership role but maybe s/he stays away from the teaching?

AuntieStella Thu 18-Jun-15 16:19:14

It's just another name for a bursar or head of admin.

You've probably got one already, in terms of function, if not job title.

And having that job done well is pretty vital, as good admin/procurement/accounts/planning etc all mean more to spend on actual from line stuff (staff, equipment, supplies etc)

MissTriggs Thu 18-Jun-15 16:30:03

We do have one. but I think he is very part time. Perhaps he is moving on.

the job spec makes it sound like running the school! Loads of stuff about strategic planning and decision-making. Maybe I'm just not used to that kind of job-spec!

DoloresLandingham Thu 18-Jun-15 18:45:05

It's a bursar by another name. What on earth are you worried about?

Passmethecrisps Thu 18-Jun-15 18:49:24

I remember when business managers were new in schools in Scotland. We were all very sniffy - lots of 'pencil pushers telling teachers what to do' chat.

Ours does hr, all the building maintainance and cover amongst lots of other stuff that I donIt need to know about.

She does a great job and frankly I have no idea how anything got done before. She goes to slt meetings because she is responsible for part of the strategic running of the school. Schools are more than learning and teaching if they are to run well

BookSnark Thu 18-Jun-15 18:51:23

Ours also pays back for herself by administering all manner of out-of-hours facilities hire.

MissTriggs Thu 18-Jun-15 19:10:57

<cheers up>

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