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Boarding School Housemistress

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jencr Wed 17-Jun-15 10:02:57


I have been offered a position as a graduate housemistress at a girls boarding school! Wondered if there were any housemistresses/matrons out there who could tell me some more about their experiences?

It is a live in post, so accommodation is provided at the school, one of my biggest questions is if I am ever off duty during term time any ideas if I will be able to leave the school (go meet a friend for the evening etc)

I know I can find out more via the school...but I'm impatient and excited!

CharlesRyder Wed 17-Jun-15 18:09:45

You won't be on duty every night. It will be all consuming during term time though.

There are lots of good aspects to living in I have a full set of school crockery many years later - enjoy!

PotteringAlong Wed 17-Jun-15 18:11:28

I did it when I was younger; I loved it! I had one day / night off a week, 1 weekend a half term and afternoons off.

MiaowTheCat Wed 17-Jun-15 20:41:26

If it's a kind of "get them fresh out of uni for a year or so" setup it's similar to what I did for a couple of years and loved. Depending on who else is house staff you should be able to be off-site pretty freely during your not on duty hours - some colleagues had issues where they had to be back in the boarding house by 11pm on non duty nights because of the sex of the other house staff on duty that night and wanting a male/female around full-time but that was about it.

We got accommodation (of varying qualities - not amazing but I had a share of a lovely house with sash windows and roses in the garden - which removed my fondness for sash windows for all eternity) either in the boarding house itself or on the school site, we also got all meals if you wanted to go to the school dining hall and eat them, or you could nab bread and milk from the school kitchen for your own kitchen - basically our pay was beer money (which was pretty much how it was spent - hic!) During holidays you could either stay on site, but risk it being a week they hired the boarding house accommodation out to various groups or people used to go home/travelling or whatever. Also odd perks like using the school swimming pool during various hours defined by the school - blooming cracking when you lived next to the sports hall and could take "early morning dip" very literally!

You do lose a lot of privacy living on site, but you get some amazing relationships and interaction with the kids working that closely with them, and it was a fab experience and why I ended up in teaching as a career (then left that when my own kids arrived) - I still have dreams about the place now - and they're positive dreams, not nightmares!

As for the school crockery - we used to get regular memos to the staffroom during the winter months asking us to bring all the trays from the cafeteria we'd nicked to go sledging back!

GrinAndTonic Wed 17-Jun-15 20:47:32

I did it for a few years. It suited me at the time as I had lots of holidays yo travel.
However, you do lose your sense of privacy. Don't expect to have a social life at night. There is time to see friends for coffee during the day (unless you work for a school in North Yorkshire that expected you to be on duty 16 hours a day) and do your shopping etc.
On your days off you can do whatever you want but you usually still have to follow house rules so no men inside the house etc

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