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Year 2 Classroom display/ resources

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sheepareextinct Thu 04-Jun-15 17:44:32

I'm in the very fortunate position in the next three weeks of having somebody around who can make a whole heap of resources/ display stuff for me for my brand new year 2 class in September. I haven't taught Y2 before although have been working as a TA this year (yes, I am qualified).

I'm overseas with no budget that I know of yet but access to a printer and laminator. And my magical helping elf.

What shall I get done?

Off the top of my head-

Name labels (big and small)
Word wall
Birthday display
Numeracy display (different words for operations)
Class rules

Alphabet strips
100 grids
Various loop games


TheTroubleWithAngels Thu 04-Jun-15 17:47:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheTroubleWithAngels Thu 04-Jun-15 17:52:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sheepareextinct Thu 04-Jun-15 18:15:10

My elf is one of the less troublesome bored expat mothers ;)

Some great ideas - thanks.

At the risk of making myself sound not at all ready for this job (I last taught 5 years ago in Secondary) - I haven't seen any evidence of Bloom's Taxonomy or thinking hats displays in this school. And no overt teaching of them either. Do you use it a lot?

TheTroubleWithAngels Thu 04-Jun-15 18:25:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hulababy Thu 04-Jun-15 18:39:50

In y2 I'd also have some 200 squares, and some number lines too.

What can be useful is a 100 square cut into laminated strips - can be used as 100 square and a number line - and to show how they work.

Also blank number squares, and number lines - laminated so children can use them with whiteboard pens.

Also number cards (0-100)

Phonics flash cards

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