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Ideas to spice up revision lessons (KS3)

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EdwiniasRevenge Tue 05-May-15 18:23:22

NQT so need to increase my bank of ideas. I will be doing about 3-5 revision lessons with each of my classes over the next 2 weeks in prep for end of year exams.

For yr9 (both low ability groups) I need to cover the whole of ks3 as they will be doing an old SATS paper. Yr7 &8 will predominantly be covering the material from this year.

I will be doing revision mats with them over the next couple of days but looking for ideas for thr next few lessons as that will easily bore them...

oh and my classroom control isn't great as I only started at Feb and have just had 3 weeks off with stress so needs to be engaging but "sit down, shut up" would be preferable to activities which require long explaianations or lots of moving around the room where I struggle to regain control.

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