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That annoying situation when there are several jobs you want to apply for

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Asleeponasunbeam Mon 04-May-15 08:15:43

From a complete dearth of suitable jobs a few weeks ago, I've now got quite a few to apply for, all with closing dates within a few days of each other.

I appreciate that I should be pleased I've got a few to go for (and I could easily still end up getting none of them!) but it does make it tricky. I've just seen the absolutely ideal one advertised today, closing date 2 weeks away. It would be a long shot for me as it requires a qualification that I don't have but they have written in the advert that they're willing to fund it.

I suppose I've just got to go for anything suitable - at least it's experience even if I fail at all of it.

xyx Tue 05-May-15 22:36:06

Go for them all. I have been recently applying and found I was tweaking the personal statement each time and improving it. Same with the interview. First one for me was poor; I got better and now looking forward to a new post in Sept. If I can do it, you can! I'm expensive and old (45...!!) It is a really stressful time but the very best of luck. Are you happy to do the extra qual for the job you'd really like? It would no doubt help the next time you apply for a new job.

guilianna Tue 05-May-15 22:40:27

same here! seen about 4 I like .... xyx I'm older than you! shock

Asleeponasunbeam Wed 06-May-15 06:09:16

Yes, I'm keen to do the extra qualification. And that's the top choice job really - but last closing date. I'm hoping I get the first one so I can relax, but will apply for all of them. I had an interview before half term but didn't get it, so at least have had interview practice recently

I'm quite old too (40) with small children.

Well done on getting yours, xyx, and good luck guiliana.

Asleeponasunbeam Fri 08-May-15 06:31:00

First one's out of the running, I think. Closing date was beginning of this week and haven't heard. Unlikely now as interviews were planned for next week.

Better write some more applications this weekend...

guilianna Fri 08-May-15 18:08:55

snap, asleep! one down, one just applied for, 2 to go this weekend! good luck!

Kathsmum Mon 15-Jun-15 07:00:40

It's the boxes that drive me mad, terrible formatting some of them when you want to spend your time on the statement! Good luck

Haggisfish Mon 15-Jun-15 07:04:24

Rather than thinking of ourselves as old, let's use the term experienced instead!

Asleeponasunbeam Wed 17-Jun-15 21:18:17

Nice to see my thread resurrected. I got one of the jobs and have already been in post for two weeks! It was a whirlwind experience!

Good luck to the rest of you.

Haggisfish Wed 17-Jun-15 21:49:50

Huzzah! I'm currently applying for posts as a 'more experienced' member of staff!

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