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Exciting times... need a new school bag

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CharlesRyder Sat 02-May-15 17:14:20

Can anybody recommend anything amaze-balls?

I only have 7 kids and usually give all feedback in school so I don't need to tote class sets of books home. It mainly needs to hold a glorious selection of stationary keep memory sticks, ipad, notepad safe and organised, but I do want it to be able to take A4 sized things too.

newbieman1978 Sat 02-May-15 20:52:40

Free hessian bag for life from the education show!
Failing that the Radley shop is usually a winner as far as my wife is concerned wink

MaraThonbar Sun 03-May-15 18:31:37

Knomo bags are lovely and have proper padded sections to protect laptop / iPad.

CharlesRyder Sun 03-May-15 18:40:15

Ooh, yes, I quite fancy an aubergine Curzon. Thanks Mara not that a hessian sack isn't just the thing newbieman.

MaraThonbar Mon 04-May-15 22:55:24

Glad you like them, Charles. They no longer make mine but I have used it every work day for about five years and it's still immaculate.

JemimaPuddled Mon 04-May-15 23:08:45

Coming for a snoop as I want need one too. Current ASDA hessian children in need bag is luffly but not quite cutting it blush

Sapat Mon 04-May-15 23:12:39

I find Kipling bags to be the best. Modern, functional, sturdy. And they come in a variety of styles, colours & sizes.

RoosterCogburn Mon 04-May-15 23:32:55

I love the look of the Fossil Sydney Work Bag but I'll need to save for a while before I can buy one.

CharlesRyder Tue 05-May-15 06:50:30

I do like that too Rooster.

I have bought myself one of these (with the jellyfish on) as an interim measure (old one has really given up the ghost) while I decide on a 'commitment' bag!

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