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Rewards for year 6?

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girlsyearapart Sun 15-Feb-15 07:37:54

Any year 6 teachers around? I take over a y6 job share after half term & want to start a reward system with them. Any ideas?
They do already have team points and golden time but I would like to begin something else.

TheSolitaryWanderer Sun 15-Feb-15 07:40:19

Why? Is the current system ineffective?
I'd look at changing what's on offer for Golden Time first, but you need to work with your jobshare.

girlsyearapart Sun 15-Feb-15 07:49:09

I meant as well as the golden time and team points. I have been teaching them once a week already and the behaviour can be poor compared to the parallel class.
Just wanted to think of something to catch the ones who don't seem to care about losing golden time/getting team points. All my ideas seem more ks1 based.
The job share is a new thing the full time teacher has resigned.

TheSolitaryWanderer Sun 15-Feb-15 07:54:56

Work with your jobshare, a tricky Y6 will love inconsistancies. grin
Look at what and how you are teaching them and identify the triggers for poor behaviour and then work on eliminating them. Have you got experience with this yeargroup? Were they tricky for the last teacher, and when they were Y5? Talk to other staff for ideas.
Look at what's on offer for Golden Time and add some specific Y6 incentives like computer time, or an art option.
Work towards a whole class reward if they get enough marbles in the jar or whatever.

girlsyearapart Sun 15-Feb-15 08:02:21

We are good friends with the same amount of time at the school so that should be ok. Meeting her this week to go over some planning.
I taught them last year when they were in y5 and have been teaching them and the other class once a week since September.
Deliver the same lesson to both classes & always goes better with the other class. The current teacher has left as is disillusioned with teaching so I think they have been left to their own devices a bit too much tbh.

turdfairynomore Sun 15-Feb-15 08:05:15

I've seen raffle tickets used. Given out as rewards-the more you have, the better your chance of winning. Winner got to chose from a range of "prizes" e.g. helping younger kids at playtime, answering the phone when secretary went home, night off homework, staying in at lunch etc.

TheSolitaryWanderer Sun 15-Feb-15 08:08:08

'I think they have been left to their own devices a bit too much tbh.'

There's the trigger, so you need high-interest lessons, tailored to those children to re-motivate them.

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