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Make me start my reports!

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Asleeponasunbeam Sun 15-Feb-15 07:07:41

I've got writer's block. They're so painfully difficult to write as the fucking arsehole stupid 'data' is dire (they've made 'no' progress - that's measurable by dickhead half termly tests). Two under fives of my own who get sub standard attention because I can't be a teacher and a mother - whole other thread about this I know.

DH is here today so it's the only time I can do them. Must. Get. Started.

desertgirl Sun 15-Feb-15 07:21:20

go on, you can do it.... I guess words like 'consolidation'? (not a teacher, just sympathising)

TheSolitaryWanderer Sun 15-Feb-15 07:29:31

Divide the work into chunks, and aim to do a chunk at a time.
Sort them out s the realy challenging ones are in the middle when you've built up a bit of stram but aren't at the weeping and stressed-out stage.
Have numerous phrases that you have honed to grammatical perfection and can tweek to customise.
Start now and you won't have the avalanche at the end of the week.
Cut out a couple of hours in the evenings when your two are asleep, so you can spread out the load.
Keep having a non-alcoholic drink.
Set aside a fresh slot so that you check and proof-read at a different time to writing them, or swap with a friend to check each others.
Be grateful you aren't handwriting them smile

TheSolitaryWanderer Sun 15-Feb-15 07:30:34

'Sort them out so the really challenging ones are in the middle when you've built up a bit of steam'

See? Proofread! blush

SweepTheHalls Sun 15-Feb-15 07:37:39

I have a formula I use,comment on class work /effort /behaviour, comment on homework, comment on recent assessment and what strengths and weakness' they reveal set a target. It makes them more manageable. I'd you have hundreds to write, look at the website comment bank. Lots of good sentence stems, you insert name and gender and it does the rest. You can also add in your own comment statements. Not for use all the time, but can be helpful when it is just too much. Drink plenty of brew and reward with cake for each set proportion completed!

Asleeponasunbeam Sun 15-Feb-15 09:39:38

Thanks, did two hours. It's fine once you're flowing. I ignored the data crap - just wrote about what I really know and think. I can explain the data at parents' evenings. (Aside: 'evenings' just auto corrected to 'whingings' which was brilliant!)

TheSolitaryWanderer Sun 15-Feb-15 09:50:10

smile Well done for breaking the initial inertia. Once you're rolling, it is easier!

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