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And that is it!!! <<<happy dance>>>

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Ridingthestorm Fri 13-Feb-15 22:23:39

In September was a new academic year. Stress from the onset. Sick leave from October. Back to work in January (stupidly believing my head wanted me back, cared enough to have me back and made a commitment to support my return) and now, five weeks later, I have 40 weeks of maternity leave.
In the 5 weeks back, my head hasn't ONCE spoken to me about my health or well-being and didn't even have the decency to come and say goodbye or even say goodbye when I approached the office and said those very polite words this afternoon. After many months (years) of liking and admiring the woman, I can honestly say my colleagues wee right - she is a rude, disrespectful bitch who cares about nobody but herself, her 'precious' data and shattering self esteems and confidence in the very people who actually ACHIEVE the data she so bloody pines for!
Rant over! grin

DrSeuss Sat 14-Feb-15 20:28:35

Congratulations! I chucked it in to do supply. So much better! Vsuggest you do the same.

hijk Sun 15-Feb-15 00:10:37

you sound very attached to your head. I'm sure she is a nice person, but very stressed. Heads have a huge amount of pressure on them too.

Ridingthestorm Sun 15-Feb-15 05:57:08

Stressed she is - admitting it, no she wouldn't! That would be seen as 'weak' in her eyes.

Attached???? Er, no. Someone I admired and looked up (once!) which was quite the turnaround considering I made it clear to my chair of governors that I did not want her for the role of head (I was involved somewhat in the interviewing process a few years back) because she seemed 'weak' and lacked experience. At the time we needed strength. She gave us everything that I thought she couldn't, so hence why I admired her.

Roll on April when the jobs become 'live'!

needtodestress Sun 15-Feb-15 12:34:31

Well done for doing the 5 weeks and we'll done holding your head up and having dignity!!!!! Yes she's the head yes she has stress but she has a duty of care and behind any great good head they have to have a good team. No head can run a good school without the team behind them. Ultimately what will happen is good teachers will say enough is enough and go, OFSTED will see straight through it, parents will see through it and only recently the storm the media has said about heads going if a school fails. I work in a school that had a extremely troubled past with a merger, a head who was retired then various political issues in the areas. We were put in special measures. A head who was not capable and admitted themselves who was internally promoted till one could be found. This was when it all changed. Luckily a fantastic head, no grey area, at times maybe needs to go on a people skills course but previously no direction no vision. The thing with her though is she knows that is her area if weakness and if you stand up to her and stand your ground she will apologise and admit it.
You now have the satisfaction of your soon to be sleepless nights will be because of the greatest gift in this world, a baby. Her sleepless nights are for other reasons and maybe she would have liked to have said something but felt down right embarrassed. Her problem not yours.

Ridingthestorm Sun 15-Feb-15 13:30:04

I am actually feeling quite liberated really. I have come out of this mess stronger and with my head held high. She may not give a toss but like you said, she has bigger things to worry about; noteably OFSTED in the next 9 months!!
I can't wait until she receives the report from OH. I would LOVE to be the fly on the wall.Even my counsellor is gobsmacked and perplexed by her behaviour.
I will be doing te obligatory visit in late spring when she is on residential with Y6. That will be all unless she invites me to training sessions which I will attend. I will not allow my career to dwindle whilst on mat leave. Will also tell her that I am not phased or scared by her intended actions.

Ridingthestorm Sun 15-Feb-15 13:34:57

Hate and dislike are words I tend not to use. Staff hate her. I wanted to give her the chance to prove she actually cared about staff well being. She has had her chance. Her and Gove go in the same sentence: I dislike them. She once said to a colleague that she is confused as to why she has no confidence in herself (after an observation). Staff member stared, completely taken aback and wanted to scream 'YOU'! You are the cause of my lack of confidence!'

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