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Disappointed with teaching unions

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Mostlyjustaluker Fri 13-Feb-15 06:41:23

I recently received some info about work load and election stuff from NASWAT telling me that the biggest concern for 65% of teachers is excessive work load. This does leave me to wonder that if they know this why do the keep making striking about pay and workload. I was with NUT previously and they are just as bad. Anybody also feeling this way?

DoctorDonnaNoble Fri 13-Feb-15 06:43:23

The unions are actually legally limited to striking on pay and conditions. It frustrates me that we're unable to make our voice heard over actual educational policy decisions that negatively affect the children.

chilephilly Fri 13-Feb-15 08:52:03

Not so. Do you read anything the Union sends you? Do you attend Union meetings? You pay £160-odd per year to be in a Union, do you take any interest at all in what it does?
I'm a Union rep. I hold meetings with my members, I discuss their concerns with SLT and regional Union meetings. My regional National Executive member discusses common concerns at a national level, and at this point a vote would be taken to call strike action. If there is a majority members are balloted for strike action. There is nothing stopping members taking strike action locally or in their schools, provided it is lawful. But if you want the Union to work for you, get involved with the Union. We have been campaigning for months on workload, where were you?

balia Fri 13-Feb-15 20:17:32

I agree with chilephilly - DH is a union rep, he works for free giving advice and help, attending meetings etc ect. You do a really good job for very little thanks.

ravenAK Fri 13-Feb-15 21:01:54

OK, so 65% of us are most concerned about the ridiculous workload...that'd come under 'conditions', no?

As in the one thing we're actually legally allowed to strike over?

Don't see the inconsistency.

Actually, I'm more concerned about my kids' education, but I'm not allowed to strike over that!

Ridingthestorm Fri 13-Feb-15 22:29:16

Go to a regional union meeting. They are very informative.

I am with NASUWT and they have been 100% behind me with my problems at work (workload caused by bitch of a head!) and have been very successful for me. It has caused a massive rift with the head though!

needtodestress Sat 14-Feb-15 22:08:31

I have only praise for the regional rep who has helped me recently. Thankfully my support was very straight forward ( long term absence) but it reassured me. It was what I needed at what was a very low time for me.

Mostlyjustaluker Sun 15-Feb-15 10:50:09

I am not slating specific reps. I always attend school meetings, strike and got to rallies on strike day. I am unaware of when regional meeting take place. My school reps and regional reps have been fantastic. I have recently changed unions the largest union in my school. School reps and regional reps from both unions fantastic.

The regional reps always say they have to follow national agenda. I wonder how they choose their agenda and if workload is not part of conditions.

balia Sun 15-Feb-15 16:44:29

Ask the rep when and where the regional meetings are - I guarantee they will be delighted. The regions get to vote on motions for the conference, where people speak in favour or against motions before a vote.

Mostlyjustaluker Sun 15-Feb-15 20:46:11

I will do. Thanks Balia.

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