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some advice and reassurance needed please

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Ilovemyhubbie Sun 08-Feb-15 17:12:57

Agreed I am a born worrier. I would convince myself that third world poverty is my fault!!!!! I am due to return back to school on Wednesday after a 6 month absence due to illness which started just before the 6 weeks holiday but what I though was a touch of a summer cold was actually something alot more serious. I had a informal meeting before Christmas and thankfully a supportive OH about 4weeks ago. Had a letter for a meeting to discuss the OH report before I had the good news that I can return to work. I am so worried about the meeting as the letter was very formal looking. Have any other teachers experienced anything like this? I am literally shaking with worry. Many thanks.

fourcorneredcircle Sun 08-Feb-15 17:26:17

I was referred to OH a few years ago after botched surgery lead to a prolonged absence. My return to work meeting was very positive - my line manager and SLT were really supportive and just wanted to help me get on with my job. We discussed what OH had said and what I felt would be a problem and how they could help. For me that meant a half term in just one room (unusual in secondary now!), a written understanding that I would be sitting down a lot and that was OK if they just 'popped in' and no break duties until I felt I was ready. The letters can be very generic and a bit scary but I'm sure it will be ok.

Ilovemyhubbie Sun 08-Feb-15 18:16:40

The letter I had was a 'stage 2 absence' as when it was sent did not have a return to work date. I have since had a return to work date so hoping it will be a return to work meeting as will be going back a couple of days later. OH have recommended phased due to the treatment I will be having to take and the time off, GP has as well. Like you say letters are very generic but suppose they have to be. I am primary so in one classroom, and 3 days till half term. Just so nervous about meeting. Feel like a naughty school girl

fourcorneredcircle Sun 08-Feb-15 18:51:35

Could you take a colleague/union rep to support you if you are nervous? Not that i'm suggesting it should be a problem - but it might help you to have another pair of ears if you are very nervous. It can be hard to remember what was said by who in any nerve wracking situation - even if the nerves turn out to be for nothing smile

Mostlyjustaluker Sun 08-Feb-15 20:08:28

In my experience hr are lovely. Yy to taking somebody else with you.

Ilovemyhubbie Sun 08-Feb-15 20:22:06

Thank you. Husband will try to go with me if he can 'pop out' from work. I worried myself silly over the first meeting, then OH who said he would be more worried if I wasn't! Deep breaths me thinks. Put me in a classroom of upset 5 year old in September and love it, this and arghhhhhhh

Ilovemyhubbie Mon 09-Feb-15 18:29:17

Meeting went well. Why oh why I got myself in a tizzy is beyond me but it's over!!! Phew. So relieved!!!!!! I will just 'pop in' on my days this week to sit and meet my class for as much as I like. Then first week after half term a couple of hours each morning and then a meeting at the end of the week to discuss the next week. I nearly got knocked over by hugs from children in the corridor. Phew phew phew

fourcorneredcircle Mon 09-Feb-15 19:57:39

Great news smile

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