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Anyone teaching Edexcel IGCSE in Science?

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Cathpot Mon 02-Feb-15 17:34:19

Hi- I am overseas and just about to start tutoring a girl in Year 10 who is studying the Edexcel IGCSE for science. She is doing the double award rather than triple. She has just had her mocks and tells me she has her first set of real exams this summer. I went and had a look online for the syllabus -and I realise I might be reading it wrong- but it looked like all the biology for instance, got tested in one 120 mark exam, presumably at the end of year 11. Am I likely to be looking at the right syllabus??
Past papers look like they come in 2 types- as Paper 1 is that double award, and paper 2 the triple extra bits?
This is what I was looking at:

Any help would be great.

Cathpot Mon 02-Feb-15 17:36:20

sorry this

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