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1:1 TAs and planning

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BMO Sun 25-Jan-15 19:07:43

I'm wondering how much planning 1:1 TAs do at your primary school. I feel adapting what the teacher has planned so the child can access it is one thing, but if a child is working at a completely different level from the rest of the class who should be differentiating for that - 1:1 or class teacher?

ItsAllKickingOffPru Sun 25-Jan-15 19:18:29

Joint discussion and prep, with relevant info from any outside agencies involved if applicable.

TheTroubleWithAngels Sun 25-Jan-15 19:45:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thatssofunny Sun 25-Jan-15 20:23:20

The teacher plans. I've never had a TA plan lessons (or adapt my planning, for that matter). hmm
I have never had anyone, who needed completely different planning. All of my children with SEN have been able to access at least the lowest group's activities. One of my colleagues had someone, who wasn't able to access the curriculum at all, though. She planned everything for that child and adapted lessons.

BMO Sun 25-Jan-15 20:36:37

There is one child who needs completely different activities, the lowest groups' phonics and maths activities are not accessible (reception) and the TA is pretty much left to organise the child's timetable and activities. There is also a child whose is working at a much higher level in phonics/literacy for example and it has been implied that the TA will plan higher level activities while the teacher plans phonics for the rest of the class.

Thatssofunny Sun 25-Jan-15 20:46:25

Reception is a slightly different beast, in the way that adult support is set up. I cannot imagine, however, that our Reception teacher would expect any of the TAs to plan and differentiate for the children. The teacher has to have the overview and do the planning. They are responsible, after all. They then adapt the planning based on the input from the TA, i.e. the child needs to consolidate a concept further...or has managed to do something independently after all.

thecatfromjapan Sun 25-Jan-15 21:06:46

Isn't it against the spirit of the Families and Children Act (May have thst wrong!) for a TA to be planning? I may have this completely wrong but isn't there quite a big in there about how schools must be inclusive of SEN children, and inclusive means the SEN child is working to planning of a teacher, not a 1:1?
I'm really interested in the answer to this, btw.

vestandknickers Sun 25-Jan-15 21:08:38

Teachers should be planning. TAs are not trained to plan or paid enough to put in the extra hours.

BMO Sun 25-Jan-15 21:11:54

No extra hours as the TAs get some planning time. I think it's more the principle of who should be planning for these children and what exactly the TA role is in terms of making accessible vs. differentiating. Maybe it varies depending on LA?

Dixiechick1991 Mon 26-Jan-15 06:59:27

I plan for the whole class & then provide 2 totally different weekly plans for my two SEN children based on their IEPs & statements.

The 1:1 adapts & notes as needed.
So in a week I have 3 different plans

cassgate Mon 26-Jan-15 17:32:34

If you are talking about classroom activities then it should be down to the teacher to plan and differentiate accordingly with input from ta where necessary. Intervention groups run by ta's should also technically be planned by the teacher, however in my experience a lot of ta's plan them. I plan my interventions and it is quicker for me to do it than feedback to teacher and wait for planning that incorporates my feedback. It works and all my groups show progress. Likewise I have a good working relationship with my teacher and she trusts me to adapt classroom plans as I go if something isn't working.

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