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Tell me about your pupil progress meetings

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Imsosorryalan Mon 12-Jan-15 21:56:36

All new to me, have mine this week. An hour has been allocated to it! What do I talk about for an hour confused

cece Mon 12-Jan-15 22:02:57

We go through each child's attainment for reading, writing and maths. Discuss progress made (or not). Then a lot of the time is spent identifying the children that have not made the necessary progress and deciding what will be done to ensure this will be rectified.

PicInAttic Mon 12-Jan-15 22:07:07

Progress smile (Sorry!)
We usually go with figures worked out - rates of progress for class/girls/boys/SEN vs non-SEN/PP vs non PP for the term and from KS. When levels were in, we would also look at % at X level - dependent on year group - so could see who was on track for L4, L5 or L6.
We have already identified any issues/areas for development and possible strategies so the meeting is a discussion about these plans.
As SLT, we look for good practice to share and, after the meetings, we look to see what additional support or resources we can offer.

Imsosorryalan Mon 12-Jan-15 22:14:13

Apart from my levels, do I need to take any evidence I.e work books? I'm new to the school so am still getting to know the children.

padkin Mon 12-Jan-15 23:33:45

With most pupil progress meetings that I've done, at various schools, there is an expectation that you come to the meeting with current data and assessments (read, write, maths) for your class, having already analysed who your focus groups/individuals are -slow movers, low attainers etc, and have an action plan ready to discuss how you will tackle this (interventions, teaching focus, strategies). Some schools require specific analyse - FSM, pupil premium, boys/girls, EAL - so I'd ask your SMT what they want you to arrive with.

Maidupmum Tue 13-Jan-15 21:04:51

We talk about each individual child & their levels & progress that term.
We have the HT, DH, KS Leader, SENCO, Pastoral Mentor & class teacher in there and we all impart our knowledge about each child & share ideas about interventions etc for the future.
They're very professional & we've been asked to video them as good practice for other schools, we also have people from other schools come to watch them.
We do all of this in a room with little cards on the wall for each child for reading, writing & maths. They're colour coded for each year group (& used to move through the levels as the child progressed) & have coloured spots on them which staff know relate to different things such as PP, EAL, Pastoral Care Mentor intervention etc. It means that all the staff know a lot about each child from the coding but the children & parents haven't a clue what they mean.
These cards being on the wall also show the ability span in each class.

PM me if you want more info

partystress Wed 14-Jan-15 21:49:37

What a brilliant question OP! Loving hearing these different approaches. Maidupmum - yours sound fabulous. Can I ask how long they take and how often you do them?

Maidupmum Thu 15-Jan-15 07:33:30

They take about an hour to 75 minutes per class.... except when we go off-track! We used to have them every term but we've moved to twice per year just for this year.... we couldn't get our head around new assessment for the first term!

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