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Phased return: should there be a plan?

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Ridingthestorm Sun 11-Jan-15 12:45:41

I have returned to work on a phased return basis. I know I am working mornings only during the first week, as verbally agreed between myself and the head teacher, but there is nothing formally set in place.

Should the school have a formal, written plan to show what hours I will be in school and how this slowly build up to full time within 2 weeks?

Also verbally told where I will be stationed but nothing in writing to show exactly what support will be offered during the two week phased return. There are a couple of things that was said would happen and haven't. One of these things was said at a formal meeting in company of the Union and the other between myself and the head teacher.

It is going okay so far but feel that I am not being supported in the way that I should. I expected to be given a timetable of hours I will work, where I will be, who will be supporting me (this was agreed at a formal meeting but the people no,instead don't even know about it - seven weeks later!) and what support will be given.

Am I expecting too much?

toomuchicecream Sun 11-Jan-15 14:48:22

When we had someone come back on a phased return, there was definitely a plan in place. However, I don't know how much of it was written down - knowing the member of staff concerned, I expect it was very clearly documented.

Can you send an email to your HT outlining your understanding of what was agreed and where agreed things haven't been put in place, asking when they will be? It may well be, knowing what schools are like, that everyone is so busy it's just slipped their minds but that's no excuse for it to not happen.

It may be too long after the event this time, but in future I would get in the habit of sending an email after meetings, copied to everyone who was there, outlining what you understand the outcomes and agreed actions to be. That way you've got your evidence of what isn't happening, and if they say you've misunderstood in some way, it can be clarified immediately.

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