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Inspiration for child/education based holiday group

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Littlemisssunshine72 Fri 09-Jan-15 19:11:30

Wasn't sure where to post but thought staff room might be good idea as you may have good ideas!
I do 2 days as a supply teacher and it's great and fits in well with my family commitments. However, the lack of pay over the holidays(especially the summer holidays is a big downside) and therefore have been thinking of ways to earn money over the summer (can't get a 'normal' part time temp job as have childcare commitments therefore have thought of:
SATS marking (have actually applied for this)
I tutor 4 children too but this also stops during the holidays although I would be happy to continue it.
Childminding-awful lot of initial costs if to only do during holidays.
Children's classes/groups which seems to be the most feasible /cost effective but what to do? This is where I want some inspiration/ opinion. Would parents come to groups during the holiday? Weekday or weekend best. Obviously both would be good.
Have so far thought of:
Curriculum cafe-primary aged children choose from a menu of literacy/numeracy based games and play with friends.
Games club-old fashioned board games-ch come and share.
Pre-school PSHE based group where whole group do activity together then carousel of activities put out that involve sharing etc.
Sensory based group with eg. Gym balls, mini trampoline, tunnels, messy play, tents, etc
Early years scenario with different curriculum activities set out in the room, with maybe a story at the beg related ie. the equivalent if an early years classroom.
I'll stop now but I'm slightly limited by not having use of a car for half the week so wouldn't be able to transport a lot of equipment.
Any other ideas greatly appreciated!

Gautami Fri 09-Jan-15 19:16:26

How long are the classes /groups? can parents drop off or are they expected to stay? and what do they cost?

I would only really be interested in this from a childcare pov.

mmm1701 Fri 09-Jan-15 19:29:22

I think it is a brilliant idea particularly if it was curriculum based and I like the games idea. Think it depends on where you are in the country and the cost

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