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Jury duty

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threepiecesuite Sun 04-Jan-15 11:45:48

I'm on Jury duty later this month and I'm a secondary teacher. Can anyone advise, am I expected to set the work for all my classes while away?
Also, if I am not selected for a trial, should I return to work that day to teach? The court is in another city to where I work and I'll need to get the train home then collect my car to get to work.
Have any teachers done it and can tell me about their experience?

Mostlyjustaluker Mon 05-Jan-15 19:32:51

One of my collegues did jury service recently. She has to attend every day for a week as trials start any day of the week and at any time of the day. Half way through the week she started on a two week case.

Her hod set work but I suggest you speak to your union about that one.

threepiecesuite Mon 05-Jan-15 20:25:01

Thanks, I am going to try to email in cover work on a daily basis if possible.

Quitethewoodsman Tue 06-Jan-15 06:29:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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