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Any NUT members here?

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rollonthesummer Wed 31-Dec-14 11:21:20

I've just read The NUT's 'The Teacher' magazine which has been dropped through my door, I haven't read it for ages (too much marking to do!) but I found it very interesting-and rather depressing. It was very revolutionary-like we're about to overthrow the establishment at any minute!

Anyway, a couple of things struck me. One was a quote from an assistant head in the article about life after levels-

I never particularly liked levels in the first place, but the whole structure depends on them. I haven't seen any guidance from anyone on how we proceed in the future. The situation feels akin to starting a journey with a backseat driver who insists that I use their Sat Nav and leave all other navigation aids behind. Then, half way through the journey, they demand the Sat Nav back and tell me to navigate on my own. The rest of the journey is spent trying to drive AND navigate, while all the time being petrified that the backseat driver will tell me I'm going in the wrong direction

That is exactly how I feel. There is no 'life after levels' in my school-the head has implemented an unwieldy new system, completely made up by himself and has then changed it 8 weeks in to the term as it was clearly insane-but now it's even more bizarre. None of us know what we're doing and nor does he, because he just MADE IT UP! Sorry, did I shout?

The other thing that stood out, was the author of another article being pleased that Ofsted has said 'Ofsted does not expect to see unnecessary or extensive written dialogue between teachers and pupils in exercise books and folders'. Is it just me, or is that rather pointless? Heads could just say, well-what we write in this school is neither unnecessary or extensive, it is a meaningful dialogue...

Had Ofsted said 'Ofsted does not expect to see written dialogue between teachers and pupils in exercise books and folders' it might have made an impact?!

Nothing will change, ever, in education unless Osted (for that is God) write specific things like this. Heads can always find a way to get round wooly statements.

The letters bit was sad too. The letter where older teachers are viewed as 'stuck in the mud types' and got rid of for being too expensive once on UPS rather than their experience being valued really rang true. There are only 2 teachers left in my school who are over 50. They are good/Outstanding (or should I say, they were always graded as good/Outstanding before about 6-12 months ago) teachers with years of experience and both run lots of extra-curricular clubs-popular with the staff/parents and kids and get good results. Both on a 'support plan'. 7 others left in July before it got to this stage.


DoctorDonnaNoble Wed 31-Dec-14 11:29:17

Not all schools are like that . Our head pretty much ignores what they say is the correct way - our results speak for themselves.
We are worried though as he's retiring.
However, not all schools are like this. I'd be looking at other opportunities if possible.

rollonthesummer Wed 31-Dec-14 11:30:57

We are worried though as he's retiring.

Yes-our old head wasn't like this either.

clayspaniel Wed 31-Dec-14 18:46:21

I thought the same about the letters. In our school there are only about 3 non SMT teachers over 45 - many have been kicked out on 'capability', there just isn't a balance of age ranges anymore.

rollonthesummer Thu 01-Jan-15 13:13:40

Yes-there are solely young teachers at my school, no mix at all.

The consequence of that (as has has happened in my friend's school) is that the new head recruited NQT after NQT and in the last three years they have virtually all had babies and are (quite rightly!) off on maternity leave! The place is full of supplies and one full-time NQT who looks so stressed as she is the one having to tell all the supplies what's going on. The head is terrified of what Ofsted is going to make of it. A mix of older/younger/men/women/experieced/fresh from college seems to much more sensible?!

chilephilly Fri 02-Jan-15 12:04:49

I'm an NUT rep.
I'm finding that older members are less willing to cooperate with all this dialogic marking useless paperwork bollix, but the younger members all do it because they've never known any different. Older members are leaving if it's at all possible to get the pension, so it becomes more and more difficult to organise and fight. It's so frustrating.

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