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Time off during term time

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2isamagicnumber Sun 21-Dec-14 13:19:51

OK I think I've answered my own question but would like other opinions.

I am currently training to be a teacher. My sister is getting married next year abroad on August Bank Holiday. I think I will have to fly back earlier than the rest of the wedding party so I can be back to start school on the 1st September.

As I'm currently training I don't have a job lined up at the moment. However I don't feel I can take the chance of coming home later and missing the first day of term if I have an NQT position.

It will cost more to fly home earlier but think I will worry if I don't leave early.

Any thoughts?

andadietcoke Sun 21-Dec-14 13:23:46

My sister's getting married in June next year, also abroad. DH is a teacher, and isn't coming. He could have taken the time off but it would have been unpaid, and we can't really afford it. He and my sister aren't particularly close though.

However, first day in a new job would be horrible to miss, even if it is INSET.

yellowsun Sun 21-Dec-14 13:24:11

I wouldn't be too impressed if you missed the first day of the school year. If you have the chance, I'd book earlier flights. If it was any other day it would be much less of an issue but the first day will either be with your class or important inset that you would miss.

Finola1step Sun 21-Dec-14 13:24:41

If you are about to start your NQT year, you will need to be back pronto to set up your class before the first day of term.

The other option is to do short term supply work from when you qualify and then tell your agency that you will not be available for work on such and such dates.

Then get into lots of schools before looking for an NQT position.

2isamagicnumber Sun 21-Dec-14 13:27:55

Thanks for the replies, they've confirmed what I thought. What would I do without mn! smile

2isamagicnumber Sun 21-Dec-14 13:30:33

Sorry Finola, I had thought about supply but I don't want to miss out on a full time NQT position if I can get one. Thanks again

bloodyteenagers Sun 21-Dec-14 13:32:12

You wouldn't get permission from our school to do that. It wouldn't be our concern that it will cost you more.
It will cost us more because we would have to hire agency to cover your work.
Or we would have to send you on safeguarding courses if inset day, which usually is the first day. We ae also strict and until this has been done you cannot work. So more expense of agency, so would not be authorised.

Then of course there is unauthorised but all new staff are on a 3 month probation.

2isamagicnumber Sun 21-Dec-14 13:51:09

Thanks for the reply bloodyteenagers.

Iwantacampervan Sun 21-Dec-14 18:46:20

Have you checked in the area you are applying in when the first day of term is - in our county it's 3rd Sept. If you have a job then it's likely that you would be ale to get in to the classroom in August.

Purplevicki Sun 21-Dec-14 19:40:32

I was given paid leave for my sister's wedding which was at the start of September. As it was, I had had an operation at the end of August and was signed off but it had been agreed.

Ask to see when the term starts. You might be in luck!

2isamagicnumber Sun 21-Dec-14 20:05:43

I decided to just book my flight home a day earlier. I'll still get to go to the wedding which is the main thing! Thanks for everyone's advice and opinions. All I need to do now is survive my PGCE! grin

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