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Mostlyjustaluker Tue 09-Dec-14 06:34:23

What do you all think?

Seems very similar to last election promise of making all teachers complete an ma in teaching and that ended with Gove giving the ok to unqualified teachers.

I am currently involved in two 'research projects' at school, neither of which I have time for. Does anybody out there manage to complete good quality research on top of their normal 65+ hour week?

rollonthesummer Tue 09-Dec-14 08:41:23

It sounds like a gimmick! They spout on about wanting the 'brightest and the best' graduates, but clearly can't recruit them as they won't poke up with the utter mess the profession is in, so we end up with unqualified people.

Nothing will change until the job changes.

EvilTwins Tue 09-Dec-14 08:44:34

My LM has suggested I work towards an MA as I'm doing research stuff at school anyway.

This was my response --- shock

Goodness knows where she thinks I will find the time. I'm still "thinking about it"

rollonthesummer Tue 09-Dec-14 09:07:48

Also-the old line about 'this body will bring teachers into line with other professions' like doctors and lawyers.

Just like the GTC did, then,

Really? I don't think so.

DriftingOff Tue 09-Dec-14 09:44:51

They're always bringing in gimmicks to try to give teaching the same high status as doctors/lawyers, but they never do the obvious which is to pay teachers the same as lawyers and doctors! I'd rather see the money being put into reducing teacher workloads

rollonthesummer Tue 09-Dec-14 10:02:05

Yes, I completely agree. They always sell it to teachers as being something we should actually fight for getting, as if a professional body would make the job different.

We need
Education to be controlled by a group of professionals who base reform on sound independent research, not by MPs who won't be around in 3 years when they're stupid reforms fail. Also, they have no vested interest in doing things properly as their own children will never set foot in a state school.

Abolish Ofsted and bring back lea guidance to support failing schools, not sell them off to the highest bidder. Have academies proved they're brilliant? No.

Scrap the links between teachers' pay and children's results.

Make marking solely for the children, not SMT.

That would stop me giving in the resignation letter I've just written.

I've got nearly 20 years of teaching experience, a 2.1 from a RG university and 100% Good/Outstanding lesson observations/PMRs. You'd think it would be worth trying to listen to what teachers like me say. There needn't be a recruitment crisis is someone just listened to us.

noblegiraffe Tue 09-Dec-14 17:37:18

What would this College do? I can't actually see from the article how this would benefit me or raise my status at all. At best I can see receiving another magazine in the post that doesn't get read.

stillenacht1 Wed 10-Dec-14 03:59:07

Rollonthesummer totally agree!

BoneyBackJefferson Wed 10-Dec-14 19:58:05

"At best I can see receiving another magazine in the post that doesn't get read."

This ^ from noble and adding a deduction from my pay packet to be a compulsory member

DontGotoRoehamptonUniversity Wed 10-Dec-14 20:10:13

yy ROTS & NG & BBJ
Also a figure-head highly paid part time exec soundbiter out of touch with those of us a the 'chalk'face.

rollonthesummer Wed 10-Dec-14 21:31:53

Isn't the GMC (which is touted as being the sort of thing we need) run by doctors for doctors? It protects them, advised them and supports them.

Whereas the GTC was a sort of body run by goodness knows who which dictated what teachers could and couldn't do-even down to them saying they'd investigate you for doing things that weren't illegal (shouting at someone outside a pub, wasn't it?).

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