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quellerosiel Wed 03-Dec-14 23:16:52

So I am newly qualified in post 16 Performing Arts and at the moment my subject seems to be completely off of anyones radar (thank you Gove and co), ergo not a job to br had. Desperately searching/applying for anything I'm remotely qualified for, mostly assisting at the moment. In the mean time I'm doing cover work. The lack of pressure is great but I'm finding it really lonely, so sick of showing up in staffrooms where nobkdy knows me. I'm pretty sociable and can usually strike up conversations with people but its getting wearing. Also really sick of not getting to know any kids and constantly being on my guard (everyone just loooves the cover teacher!)

Partly venting partly looking for any tips to make this a little easier!

EvilTwins Thu 04-Dec-14 22:29:40

Are you in the same school the whole time or in different schools on supply? If you're in the same one, then find the drama dept and offer to help out with extra-curricular things. I am a Performing Arts teacher and I always accept any offers of help. I did supply in a school in London a few years ago, got involved with the school play and was later taken on full time as head of dept.

Good luck!

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