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Question 3: Assessment

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rollonthesummer Wed 03-Dec-14 14:44:08

Sorry, ridingthestorm-I've hijacked your question format; I hope you don't mind!?

I've posted this before, but was wondering what everyone else is using to assess in primary-particularly in the year groups that are following the new curriculum?

We are using Target Tracker which splits everything up into 6 sublevels per level; it's horrific. For each band, there is 1b (1 beginning), 1b+, 1w (working within), 1w+, 1s (secure), 1s+. Children are expected to move one sublevel per half term. 100% of my class must make 6 sublevels by the end of the year or I fail my PMR and don't get a pay rise!

Can I be nosy and ask what you are using and whether it makes more sense than this!?

Asleeponasunbeam Wed 03-Dec-14 18:13:43

We are still using levels (and a, b, c sub-levels) and the Ros Wilson criterion scales for writing. 100% of children have to make 3 sub-levels in a year. 'Target children' have to make 6 sub levels. They are the children who did not make enough progress last year. So they have to progress at double speed. Or their teachers don't pass PMR.

Half termly meetings to discuss 'progress'. Teachers have to explain why they have 'failed' certain children (those who haven't made the progress that is measurable on tests/ writing criterion scales). Any who have made progress are just nodded at. That is expected after all.

Mine are all Target Children.

Not an improvement on your situation, I'm afraid.

Ridingthestorm Thu 04-Dec-14 09:49:54

We used classroom monitor last year. It was good in the sense that each objective was a hexagon and you clicked it to show target, then achieved, then met. When you saved, it gave a sub level. But the crap thing was, when you had a child scoring a 3c in all areas of maths, it came out with an overall level of 2a!?!? We had children who had met all level 2 targets in writing or reading, but came out with a level of 2c at the end, which didn't make sense. At first the head was sceptical and blamed us but when we proved our point by writing down what children were achieving in maths areas compared to an overall grade (one child was graded 3a for each area then overall got a 3c) she changed it.
School now use o tracker. It seems complicated but school seem to like it. We hadn't used it as such by the time I went sick but I can text a colleague later to find out because they have updated assessments in October and are doing them again this week or next.

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