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Question 2: what is the frequency of observations and scrutinies in your school?

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Ridingthestorm Tue 02-Dec-14 20:42:08

Again, just that!
Last year we had one observation a term and roughly six scrutinies. All graded.
This year (OFSTED pending!) the head decided that observations would be fortnightly for RI, four weekly for Good and half termly for Outstanding. Book scrutinies would be every week (one subject a wek) which then increased to twice weekly because she wanted to check all books of children who were grouped as pupil premium.
No wonder staff are stressed!

chilephilly Tue 02-Dec-14 21:05:01

Blimey. Talk to your union. This is unacceptable.

rollonthesummer Tue 02-Dec-14 21:26:49

Bloody hell-all your head must do is check you're doing what you're supposed to be doing?!

We have observations termly, unless you are found to be wanting RI, then it's fortnightly. Book scrutinites are half termly and climate walks are whenever SMT believe staff have been seen looking too happy in the staff room.

noblegiraffe Tue 02-Dec-14 22:45:34

We've got much less than this and the unions are involved!

WombatStewForTea Tue 02-Dec-14 23:32:44

Definitely union in now. That is in no way acceptable!

Dragonlette Tue 02-Dec-14 23:37:23

We have observations 3 times a year, and one of those is informal and designed to be a chance to improve our teaching without it being judgemental. We've just had one book scrutiny and that'll probably be it for the year, maybe one more. It's only ever a handful of pupils in total.

Definitely get your unions involved. I didn't think they were allowed to do that many formal observations. How are they finding time to actually do all the other things a Head is supposed to do?

Ridingthestorm Wed 03-Dec-14 14:12:30

Union are involved. They have been since the beginning of September. She was apparently 'utterly shocked that not all staff would follow her lead without question'.

I went on sick leave after I was observed. I was the last person to be seen at the beginning of October. I decided to take a break because of the workload and 'other issues'. I am still on sick leave and likely to be until OH has seen me and GP think the working conditions have changed.

Since then, no more observations have taken place. I think she has backed down to pressure from staff and unions, including her own! Instead of admitting she was wrong and has changed the observation procedure, she has simply said 'things have got in the way'. Scrutnies are still happening but not as frequent because of the same excuse.

I just wish she would be more open and honest and admit she isn't perfect and that she has made a mistake. Staff would have more respect for her if she did.

AdorabeezleWinterpop Wed 03-Dec-14 22:47:40

I have just moved to a RI school from an outstanding one.

Since September I have been observed three times (1 for PM, 1 SIP, 1 HMI), have had books taken three times and planning has to be sent the week before to be checked. HMI are in again before holidays.

In my old school, observations were termly, planning was rarely seen and book scrutinies happened once or twice a year.

I am not commenting on which I preferred!

rollonthesummer Thu 04-Dec-14 07:05:47

Does the excessive monitoring help the teaching and learning or it is it just justification for having an over-large SMT?!

Ridingthestorm Thu 04-Dec-14 09:32:33

Children are not progressing any faster than what they were last year. Therefore the excessive monitoring does not actually improve teaching and learning. It just creates more stress and workload for the class teacher.

I do believe that RI schools are in the worst position for excessive monitoring. Too much pressure on SLT to have a grading of 'good' that they panic and enforce so many demands on teachers.

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