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Anyone done KS2 SATS marking to boost their income?

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Appervine Mon 24-Nov-14 14:44:21

I'm considering applying to do some marking as I could do with upping my income before the summer holidays (supply teacher, primary). Has anyone got experience of this? How manageable did you find the workload - i.e could I fit it in the evenings? How much time did the induction take?

Also, how much Year 6 experience had you had? I've had a Year 5 class for two years (as well as other year groups) and currently work with year 6 doing booster groups for pupil premium children, but have never had my own Year 6 class. Does this matter?

Appervine Mon 24-Nov-14 14:45:58

When I say suppy teacher I mean I'm on a supply contract at one particular school, part time.

Madallie Tue 25-Nov-14 00:00:52

I hope you don't mind, I have no helpful advice but I'm in a similar situation as you and am thinking about doing the same thing. Hopefully someone more useful than me will be along soon.

Appervine Tue 25-Nov-14 02:24:44

The more the merrier! I understand that the application process starts in December but I can't find any more info at this stage.

Appervine Tue 25-Nov-14 17:09:56

No one?

MiaowTheCat Wed 03-Dec-14 13:13:47

I do it - have done for a few years now so I can't quite remember how I got through the applications for it now, but Edexcel (now Pearson I believe) might be a good place to start looking as they have the contract to administer the tests (it wasn't them when I started - my first year was the ETS debacle!)

I do KS2 Reading - standard allocation is about 500ish scripts. Lots of full-time staff do it - because the bulk of the work can be done in half term or thereabouts. I tend to do about 30-40 scripts a day and I'm normally done about a week before deadlines for it kick in. I've never done it while full-time teaching though - I always found it fitted in nicely alongside supply where work's starting to die off about the same time the marking load kicks in. It's a fairly tolerable pressure since it's a short term one with a clear end to it. This last year they've added in a lot more progress checkpoints where you have to have had so many scripts done by a certain point - they've not normally done that before.

You do a training day/half day picking each question really to bits to understand it, then you do some standardisation scripts to check you're clear enough on the mark scheme to be allowed to start marking - have two points during your allocation where you have to stop and do a similar process to check you're still marking to the correct standard, if you don't get within a certain tolerance of the agreed mark for those papers you get either made to do a second batch, or stopped from marking. End of the whole thing and your performance on all those checks, plus successful appeals from schools and your general deadline management gets weighed up into a marker grade that determines how likely you are to get a contract for following years... so it's very much a foot in the door situation to get in the system to get contracts each year and the first time you do it you're likely to be a reserve marker (in case someone drops out for whatever reason) or do a part-allocation or similar.

Big considerations to have in mind - training is usually the Saturday immediately after the tests - probably a weekend to keep clear in that you'll be getting your head around the markscheme and getting cleared to mark and the like. Schools send scripts direct to you - so you have a week or so after the tests where you'll be on first name terms with the parcelforce staff as they deliver to you constantly. It's a bit of a pain if you're working - not so much so if you're at home to take the deliveries in... then you have about a month of having to store all the bags of scripts in your house which can be a pain in the neck if you're as limited on toddler-proof space as we are!

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