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Any London based history teachers looking to move out of the classroom?

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tethersend Fri 14-Nov-14 09:52:35

This looks like a really interesting job...

DontGotoRoehampton Fri 14-Nov-14 10:53:32

A lot of work and responsibility for 31k

tethersend Fri 14-Nov-14 12:05:36

Ah well, thought it might be of interest to someone willing to trade in the salary to come out of teaching. Non school based posts which match teaching salaries are very hard to find...

DontGotoRoehampton Fri 14-Nov-14 13:27:16

Sorry, didn't mean to sound rude! The job sounds fab. Am just ruefully looking at my payslip today (in London) and wondering what second or third job I should get to cover the bills sad

tethersend Fri 14-Nov-14 13:39:06

No, it's a fair point. London is crazy at the moment. I think I'm earning a decent salary and we still struggle.

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