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to negotiate to have a permanent contract

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musicmusic Sun 09-Nov-14 20:55:20

hi all. the position is advertised as permanent but they said the first 1 year is fixed contract..and then the next contract would be permanent. is there a way to negotiate to have permanent contract with 1 year probation clause? thank you.

The fixed term followed by permanent us becoming 'the norm' in many schools. I've never known a school use a probation clause instead. Why would you prefer it?

musicmusic Sun 09-Nov-14 22:41:36

if i had probationary clause. would then feel that the contract woudl end only if there was misconduct etc if tehre is fixed term - then it will end at the end of 1 year and what is the school think they need to rearrange curriculum and do not need so many teaching hours for my subject - then the contract might become very part time etc

Hmm, what you say makes perfect sense, and it's definitely worth a try asking for the permanent contract, but ultimately it will come down to how much they want you. Is this a job you've been offered or one you're thinking of applying for? Do you know much about the school and how likely they are to change the curriculum?

Happy36 Mon 10-Nov-14 11:17:31

I think your idea is perfectly reasonable however although I don´t know the school I would be surprised if they agreed to it. It is still worth asking them, though: good luck!

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