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Anybody else have to dress as a superhero for Children in Need?

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bumblebeader Sat 08-Nov-14 19:09:13

All students and staff are meant to dress as a superhero on Friday. I am a large lady so most ready-made superhero costumes are out for me. Any suggestions for cheap and cheerful things I might be able to do myself?

I avoid fancy dress invitations whenever possible but as this is work I can't decline and will look like the party-pooper I am if I turn up without a costume.

Thanks in advance!

BikeRunSki Sat 08-Nov-14 19:13:22

I'm so glad I don't work Fridays.

Could you wear a cape and eye mask or something?

jojo1983 Sat 08-Nov-14 19:15:08

We are doing this at the nursery we work in. I think I'm going dressed as pj women. Nice comfy warm pjs and slippers. Easy smile

EvilTwins Sat 08-Nov-14 19:28:12

We are. I'm wearing a blue skirt, I've got a t-shirt which says "Drama teacher by day, superhero by night" and then I've bought a cheap cape and mask.

I don't really mind dressing up - kind of comes with the job wink

FabulousFudge Sun 09-Nov-14 00:16:44

Yes, but I'm not as I hate dressing up with a passion. I'll still give a donation though of course.

Hulababy Sun 09-Nov-14 14:06:54

Fancy dress at my school this Friday too. Official theme is superheroes but really everyone can come as they are. Pretty much all staff will don something, even if it is just a CiN t-shirt.

I have just ordered myself a batman vest top with attached cape - DD will want it afterwards smile I shall wear it with jeans - and possible a black long sleeved top underneath!

I suspect we will see a lot of the little girls dressed as Frozen character this year, and the boys, as usual, as various superheros, turtles or transformers. From experience anyway.

SetPhasersTaeMalkie Sun 09-Nov-14 14:14:21

God that sounds awful. I hate dressing up. Could you go as a made up superhero like superteacher or something and get hold of an old teacher's gown and mortar board? You could get an eye mask as well and just play up to it.

Probably a daft idea but all I could come up with.

BerniceBroadside Sun 09-Nov-14 14:18:09

Pack of Iron on Transfer paper, printer and an old top = instant super hero top.

EndoplasmicReticulum Sun 09-Nov-14 16:18:23

Cape and eye mask should be easy enough?

You don't have to be that sort of superpowered hero, I was tempted just to wear my labcoat and go as Marie Curie.

This year I've ordered a pudsey onesie and will wear that.

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