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Academy staff and pay grades etc

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auntpetunia Sun 02-Nov-14 09:54:32

Sorry bit vague title not sure what I want to find out. Going for job in a primary academy, doesn't seem to be part of a chain just a school in it's own right. Wanted to ask about pay grades and unions and service.

The pay grade quoted was on local gov pay scale so am imagining it runs the same with increments every year, would I be able to stay in the union? Imagining yes. Now my big question if it's an academy do I loose my local government service and pension ?

Anyone any clue, obviously I need to have some idea before the interview or questions I can ask during the day.


pippinleaf Sun 02-Nov-14 13:51:50

I don't know about pensions but I do know that academies don't have to stick to any pay scales (in fact nor do local authority schools anymore) and while they say they are using them now, they may move away from them in future as many local authority schools may also do. You are not protected by the 'burgundy book' and your union has less power as they are not bound by any agreements with unions in the same way normal state schools are. I know this from our school looking into becoming an academy. Maybe someone who is working within an academy will be along soon with some better knowledge.

auntpetunia Sun 02-Nov-14 14:17:34

Thank you that's the sort of thing I'm wondering about. While the job seems brilliant the academy status is concerning. Lots of questions to ask

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