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dilema intreviw - what if offer me a job? will need to move

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musicmusic Sat 01-Nov-14 10:51:57

The job really attracted me as good position Will attend interview and if offered - will need to move ( 2 hours away from where we live now),

- this is step up role for me
- stimulating work environment ( seems to be)
- with the position, i will be able to look for the next step in my career, add more credibility to my CV,
- need a change - so that would be a real change for place to leave, work etc
- money - i guess the position will have a bigger salary than what I have now

- My older daughter in school now - just started, so she will need to start the school ( and there is a school with the place nearby where I would move to work). I think kids are small so will probably slot in.
- My husband earns half what I earn, so if the salary is even better what I earn now - that is already a plus? I suggest my husband then tries to a) negotiate withhis present work to do bulk hours ( for example 3 days to live where we live now) and the rest of teh week - with me and kids. UNTIL he find a new job near we wodul woudl live
- have to build the community ties ( at the moment we have friends, parents nearby, parents community - parents we know from school)

My consideration:
1. we are renting now and not tied in to the mortage, so can move.

2. I think if go for the job and start in March - I would just rent in the area myself to see if I get on ok with the job etc and then move kids and family in summer? this woudl allow some breating space and gentler transition.

3. it is quite a unique position that I woudl interveiw for - special niche for me and what I like doing, it is rare for this type of position to come up...

Please let me know your thoughts - woudl really appreciate it.

thank you all!

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