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Can I do this?

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jenniferalisonphillipasue Fri 12-Sep-14 22:33:28

I am currently 35 with 4 dc. I am thinking about doing my teacher training in secondary PE. I have a lot of relevant experience and a real passion for health, physical activity and sport. I think I'd be really good.
I would not consider this until my youngest is in Year 1 (another 4 years, she is currently 21 months) which will make my other dc 13,10 and 8. I am just worried about the logistics of studying and then working around the needs to the children.
Are the any teachers out there with large families? Do you manage to keep on top of it all?

cuggles Sat 13-Sep-14 20:33:04

I have two dcs so not a large family but I was a PE teacher. Yes you can do it if you have lots of support in place in terms of help with childcare etc. Lets face it your two older ones should be relatively ok by then anyway. The training is fairly full on but no more that having a fairly busy actual job and I would have thought with four dcs. you are busy and used to juggling things and managing your time anyway!
The only thing I would say is that every PE teacher I have ever worked with (myself included) tends to start turning away from PE by the time they get to 40 ish..the novelty of standing in the dark with a whistle on a cold winters evening wears off by then.. but I am speaking solely of people who taught PE straight from university so have done 15+ years by will hopefully be fresh and keen. But this does mean that PE depts. are by and large staffed by young and often, childfree, teachers which could affect how you "get on" and fit in with them..but that sounds unduly negative..hopefully you see what I mean? Also, I can work round my childcare because I can leave school and then work in the evening. A PE teacher's job continues, often, way after the end of the day with fixtures/clubs etc (which they obviously can't "take home") which can be harder with children to get home to.
I know I sound negative, I don't mean to be and wasn't going to reply at all because of it but then saw no-one else had so thought I would mention a few things.
The actual being a teacher bit, you can do and I love teaching..hard work but a real buzz on the whole. Just think carefully about whether PE is the right subject..if you don't have a degree already, you will be about 44/45 when you qualify.
Also, there are usually lots of applicants for PE posts (although less these days) so the jobs are pretty competitive..but if you are good and have a real passion for it that is what matters..that will shine through so I only say your age matters to YOU not to you getting a post.

Springcleanish Sat 13-Sep-14 21:03:58

PE is different to other subjects in that you have a lighter marking load, but extra-curricular responsibilities several times a week and even weekends, so not as easy to fit around child care. Think about how easy will it be to manage your kids if travelling back from a fixture an hour or two away and not getting back till 6ish every other week or so?
As said before, most PE teachers begin to take up/ get pushed into secondary subjects by their mid forties, and overlooked in favour of younger staff. This has been the case in all the four schools I've worked in, so not unusual, although not always the case.

jenniferalisonphillipasue Tue 16-Sep-14 11:07:54

Thank you for your replies. I had never thought about it the fact that I will probably be "old" compared to others. I already have a degree in Sports Science and my previous career experience is sport related. I currently volunteer at the dc's school teaching swimming and take some PE classes and after school clubs (primary though). I am passionate about sport and exercise. I think it has real benefits, not just health related but also socially and mentally. I also think sport has the power to influence the ethos of a school. I believe that success breeds success and if you can instil this within sport then it will cross over to other areas of the school. I know I have a long way to go yet and probably come across as incredibly naive but this is always something I wanted to do but the time has never been right. It's now or never I think. Thanks again.

CatherineofMumbles Tue 16-Sep-14 19:58:52

Like others, do not want to curb your enthusiasm, but..
The training, and then NQT years are much harder than it was for those of who did it 10 years ago - vastly more hurdles (no pun intended!). masses of academic work as well as the usual school stuff.
You will have to pay for your course, and prob will not get a bursary as it is not a shortage subject..
For the training and NQT year, assume your DH will have to take on all the family stuff (based on what I have seen recently with PCGE and School Direct trainees).
That said, if your DH is prepared to put in the hours - it is doable.

Lizzylou Tue 16-Sep-14 21:03:24

I have just started training via SCITT, for secondary, it is hard, but doable. If it's what you really want to do, go for it. I am early 40s with 2 dc.

Showy Tue 16-Sep-14 21:08:49

Same as Lizzy, I am doing a School Direct course. I have a 7yo and a 3yo. I am tired but it's utterly manageable.

cuggles Tue 16-Sep-14 21:21:02

If you already have a SS degree and also experience of teaching I think it is doable, dont be put off but equally it will be tough. People do do it though! I think if you only need to do a SCITT or even PGCE it is worth aiming for. My original answer was based on you doing a degree too. Supportive DP is key!

MrsExcited Tue 16-Sep-14 23:35:35

The training year is nothing compared to getting job and your nqt year.

CatherineofMumbles Wed 17-Sep-14 09:40:27

When you are particularly passionate about your subject, it can be a real downer when you realise that it is only a small part of a pupil's day, and that most are not interested in your subject. That is the point that separates out those who take a reality check and can work with that, and those that are disillusioned and leave.

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