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Maths and english resits

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ChillySundays Wed 03-Sep-14 21:34:16

DS is starting college to do a BTEC. He has been told that the government has said that everyone has to study maths and english even if they have an A* in the subject. I was under the impression you only has do it if you failed?

Dragonlette Wed 03-Sep-14 21:39:35

You only have to resit Maths and English until you get a grade C. We have over a hundred year 12s starting the sixth form at our school, 60ish of them will be doing Maths, the rest of them will not. I assume there will be a similar proportion of them studying English. Definitely not all of them.

ChillySundays Wed 03-Sep-14 21:49:39

That is what I thought so what is the point of students having to attend the lessons if they have passed. I don't really want to be that parent who is always on the phone questioning everything

ChillySundays Thu 04-Sep-14 13:13:08

I have checked with the college and they have confirmed that they will all have to attend - there will be an option to retake to better your grade and they are looking at something else for the brighter students but are unsure as yet. He failed his English so will be doing that and it won't hurt him to re-sit the maths for in the hope of a better grade

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