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Pissed off with nothing ever being good enough!

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Agggghast Mon 01-Sep-14 19:20:38

Well the school I work at had amazing results this year, we have had a concerted effort at improving standards of teaching over the last three years and it has been incredibly successful. So we return today and have these external trainers in, looking at the data from their schools we are far more successful than them. Why do we have to sit and listen for two days to people who don't do the job as well as we do? I wouldn't mind if they were not so patronising! How can this be helpful? Why can't I just set up my classroom. The woman training my group teaches the same subject as me and her school's results were 20% below target! we were17% above. Yet she spent the day talking down to me! Why do we as teachers have to put up with this!

FunkyBoldRibena Mon 01-Sep-14 19:24:21

I don't know - did you ask them during the session?

pieceofpurplesky Mon 01-Sep-14 19:25:42

The answer is because we do! Similar day for us but being told how to put stuff on the VLE that is going to revolutionise our teaching. So basically three hours spent linking between what we already do and putting it in a new format.
Tomorrow we have people in telling us how to improve - despite the fact results have improved again. Like you I wish I could sort out my new room (which is empty) and plan and prepare with my department for the year ahead!!!

Agggghast Mon 01-Sep-14 19:31:17

I did ask her when she told me that I should use Anderson, she needed to look in every classroom to see the posters we have used for the past two years. I am not saying we cannot learn from other's ideas but surely they should look at the school they are training at's results and show some respect!

Mumoftwoyoungkids Mon 01-Sep-14 19:58:27

This is the type of thing I get a perverse pleasure out of. I like to ask innocent questions. "So what percentage above target should we be aiming for? 10? Oh... Ok - it's just that we got 17 last year - should we not be trying to beat that? Oh....ok. So we'll aim for 20 above then? Is that what you aim for? It seems a real stretch - how did you do it?

The time that the car salesman decided that "silly blonde girl" needed a very patronising lecture on compound interest in words of one syllable despite telling him twice that we weren't interested in his finance deal was a thing of real beauty. (I'm a actuary.)

Happy36 Sun 07-Sep-14 00:36:58

It´s ridiculous. We had similar bs at our school wasting all of our "preparation" days. I didn´t even see one member of my department until term had begun as we were always being whisked into stupid sessions. The idiot from marketing was the one that really got my goat, telling us all to be taking photos in all of our lessons to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. THE SCHOOL HAS A NO MOBILE PHONES POLICY, YOU TWIT! Not to mention that many kids parents have not agreed to photos being published so we have to check meticulously with the admin. staff before submitting a single image for the newsletter or yearbook!

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