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inabranstonpickle Mon 01-Sep-14 17:35:46


I have never done supply before but I have had to relocate quite suddenly over the summer.

I signed up with an agency for supply but I was unexpectedly offered a job at the eleventh hour by a school for a term. I thought this would be better than ad hoc work so was pleased to accept but due to a DBS mix up I now have the same job but am "employed" by the agency rather than the school.

Not sure why this makes me feel so apprehensive - will it make any difference realistically given it was only for a term anyway?

Thanks smile

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Mon 01-Sep-14 17:53:14

Not sure why, if you applied directly to school, you are now employed through the agency, but you said it was a mix up. Firstly, the agency will take their cut from what the school pays them rather than the gross pay the school would pay you.Check who is paying your tax and ni, (I know a very big agency that doesn't pay either) Sadly, being with an agency may not give you security for the term-I've replaced agency staff that haven't done an acceptable job before now, you won't have a contract (but that could happen if employed through the school for that short time). Saying that, I have kept in really good agency staff-I currently have 3with permanent contracts. And for a term the school will want continuity. Good luck-good supply teachers are rarely out of work.

inabranstonpickle Mon 01-Sep-14 18:04:11

Oh - it seems my DBS hasn't been sent off (hmm) so I can only start through the agency as I have a DBS for them, if that makes sense.

Will the agency definitely take a cut, or will they just charge the school a "finder's fee"?

I plan to do a more-than acceptable job so hopefully that won't be an issue smile

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Mon 01-Sep-14 19:43:57

It depends if they "buy" out your contract-doubtful as you haven't actually started, it costs a lot. We only do it if we want to take someone on permanently. Of course the school and agency may have come to an arrangement(but knowing agencies they like their pound of flesh)
As for the DBS, is there not portability? I'm sure we have accepted DBS from agencies/other schools whilst the school one comes through.
I'm sure you will do a stellar job. flowers

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